Role: Fourth year MSci student at Imperial

Subject area: Earth and Planetary Science

Nationality: Romanian

I am from Romania, and I am currently in the final year of my Earth and Planetary Science Degree. My interests have always been linked to the topic of outer space and during my undergrad I had the opportunity to complete many interesting research projects related to the wider universe. These included designing and documenting the science case for a planetary landing site on Mars, and the comparison of geological formations present in the Highlands of Scotland with similar ones within Gale Crater on Mars. I am currently completing my MSci project on the topic of micrometeorites, whilst working part-time for a company that invests and develops mining projects.



GCSE (or equivalent): Romanian High School Graduation Certificate – Maths, Physics, Computer Science, Chemistry, Biology, Romanian Language & Literature, English, German, Geography, History, Psychology, Philosophy, Logic, Economic Studies, Entrepreneurial Studies 

A-level (or equivalent): Romanian Baccalaureate Diploma– Maths, Physics, Romanian Language and Literature

• MSci in Earth and Planetary Science, Imperial College London (on going)

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My research

My research focuses on the study of micrometeorites. I had the opportunity to collect dust from the sediments right under the K-Pg boundary in Italy – a rock layer marking the extinction of the dinosaurs. I am now in the process of analysing the Cosmic Spherules (a type of micrometeorite) found within these samples and investigating their origins.

My inspiration

My inspiration

My mother has been my biggest motivator. She is a computer scientist working for an energy distribution company in Romania and is one of the only women in her office. She is an ambitious individual, very organised and my greatest supporter.

My STEM hero

Who is your STEM hero?

Mary Anning – English fossil collector and palaeontologist, who discovered the first ichthyosaur skeleton and many other important Jurassic marine fossils. She changed our understanding of Earth’s geological history and of prehistoric life.

Solar System arty image

Most significant discovery/invention?

The Copernican System - The Sun is a motionless body at the centre of the solar system, with the planets revolving around it.

Solar Orbiter 2014 Credit ESA NASA

Career options after study

  • Research/academia
  • Working within the space industry
  • Sustainability/environmental consultant
  • Data analyst
  • Financial analyst within the natural resources industry 
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My hobbies

I am the Welfare Secretary of the Cheerleading Society at Imperial and I also take yoga classes in my free time. Sport keeps me active, so I try to do as much as I can.