Role: Big Data Engineer

Company: Accenture

Nationality: Chinese

I am currently working as a big data engineer with Accenture. Previously I was working with the Samsung International Procurement Center as an assistant manager focusing on Procurement and Supply Chain Management.



GCSE and A-level (or equivalent): Tianjin Xinhua Middle School, China

• BSc in Information and Computing Science, Tianjin University of Finance and Economics, China
• MSc in Data Science, University of Southampton

Details about Chen

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My project

I am currently working on a Digital Transformation project that will help a major UK retailer to optimize their supply chain by forecasting sales.

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My inspiration

Traditional supply chains rely heavily on the manual work. Digitizing the supply chain workflow by using data engineering, data analytic, and data science technologies will help companies optimize the operation efficiency of their supply chain and save costs.

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Who is your STEM hero?

My grandfather, who was a coastal engineer, designing ports and coastal infrastructures. His expertise optimizing coastal resources by scientific calculations and techniques has supported the nationwide energy resources transport and created thousands of job opportunities.

Advanced Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Most significant discovery/invention?

Machine learning - it enables machines to learn from data how to handle computationally intensive tasks that are hard or impossible for human beings to perform.

Career options after study

  • Data Engineer: Designing, developing, and implementing data applications.
  • Data analyst: Discovering insights from data
  • Data Scientist: Building data models using statistics and machine learning algorithms. 
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My hobbies

Playing the accordion, singing, photography, yoga, hiking and cooking.