Alex Lawrence

Role: BSc Biological Sciences student at Imperial College London

Subject area: Biology

Nationality: Irish

I'm an enthusiastic undergraduate student studying Biological Sciences at Imperial! I enjoy working as part of a multicultural team in both academics and sports. I've frequently represented the Imperial hockey team, and I am an active member of Imperial Biology Society's 'Mums and Dads' scheme mentoring first year undergraduate students – a thoroughly enjoyable experience helping younger students feel at home at Imperial.



GCSE (or equivalent): Irish Junior Certificate – Mathematics, Science, Geography, English, Spanish and Music

A-level (or equivalent): Irish Leaving Certificate – Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Geography.

• BSc in Biological Sciences (in progress)

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My research

My main interest is in immunology and cancer. I recently completed a placement at the Institute of Cancer Research in which I led a project focused on optimising nutrition to enhance the anti-cancer effect of aspirin.

My inspiration

My inspiration

Through watching nature documentaries produced by Sir David Attenborough from a young age I developed a deep interest in the natural world – an interest which remains today, and which led me to pursue a degree in Biological Sciences.

My STEM hero

Who is your STEM hero?

Sir David Attenborough - broadcaster, presenter, naturalist and author. His efforts to inform and engage us about the natural world have successfully increased the public’s engagement with science.

An antique microscope

Most significant discovery/invention?

Penicillin by Sir Alexander Fleming. Antibiotics have significantly improved the lives of people worldwide since their discovery.

A seal on the Dorset coast

Career options after study

  • PhD in immunological or cancer related research
  • Consultant at a life science company
  • Wildlife conservation and ecology
  • Medical research and drug development
  • Science communicator and teaching
  • Biotechnology
An electric piano

My hobbies

Outside of my studies I enjoy regularly playing the piano and performing for family and friends at social gatherings.