Projects supported through the Faculty Strategic Research Funding scheme

Supported projects in 2023-2024
Principal Investigator Department Title
Mimi Hii Chemistry Testing the reproducibility of high-throughput experiments: an inter-institutional study- SME engagement with Dayhoff Labs (DL) Ltd
Supported projects in 2022-2023
Principal Investigator Department Title
James McGinty Physics Low-cost, high resolution optical projection tomography for volumetric biomedical imaging- SME engagement with Cairn Research (CRL) Ltd
Supported projects in 2021-2022
Principal Investigator Department Title
Nick Brooks Chemistry Ultra stable foams for crop protection- SME engagement with Frosco Ltd
Supported projects in 2020-2021
Principal Investigator Department Title
Emma Ransome Life Sciences Enhancing carbon capture in UK seagrass restoration projects - SME engagement with Ocean Conservation Trust
Ed Cohen Mathematics The Optimisation of Battery Electrode Microstructure through Statistical Methods - SME engagement with Addionics Ltd
Supported projects in 2019-2020
Principal Investigator Department Title
Tiago Cunha Luis Life Sciences A single-cell RNA-sequencing platform to characterize leukemic stem cells
Doryen Bubeck Life Sciences  Photoactivated graphene grids for cryoEM
Grigory Kagan Physics Nanowire array targets for studying thermonuclear plasmas with ultra-high-power lasers
Antoine Jackier Mathematics Liquidity Risk in Derivatives Central Clearing - SME engagement with Zeliade Systems
Supported projects in 2018-2019
Principal Investigator Department Title
Lesley Cohen Physics  Electron Spin polarisation properties of Chiral Molecules
Nixon Peter Life Sciences Development of a ‘solar biobattery’ for use in electronics
Audrey de Nazelle CEP Design and Outreach Strategies for Air Pollution Engagement (DOSAP): Developing and testing an evidence-based smartphone app - SME engagement with Hubbub
Tolga Bozkurt Life Sciences Developing biosensors to monitor plant disease responses
Felice Torrisi Chemistry Biofibres
Ramon Vilar- Compte Chemistry An efficient and low-cost material for removal of arsenic from water- SME engagement with CustomMed
Supported projects in 2017-2018
Principal Investigator Department Title
 Matthew Child  Life Sciences Towards multiplexed in vivo phenotypic screening for novel antimicrobial target discovery 
 Paul French  Physics Automated multiwell plate FLIM of cellular autofluorescence to read out stem cell state and identify key metabolic regulators and mechanisms governing pluripotency 
Gerald Larrouy-Maumus  Life Sciences A new diagnosis based on lipid A analysis by MALDI-MS instantly discriminates chromosomal and plasmidic resistance to a last resort antibiotics 
Ed Tate Chemistry Targeting a bacterium to kill a worm: towards a safe macrofilaricide for global health 
Bill Proud Physics Investigation of Hysteresis in Several Materials under Impact Conditions - SME engagement with SynBioSys Ltd.
James Bull Chemistry New Approaches for Sulfoximine Synthesis: Building Blocks for Drug Discovery 
Ali Salehi-Reyhani  Chemistry A point-of-care device for health authorities to rapidly identify counterfeit drugs in the field 
Nadia Guerra Life Sciences Develop NK/tumour organoid for drug testing
Supported projects in 2016-2017
Principal Investigator Department Project Title
Jenny Nelson Physics Proof-of-principle study: conjugated polymers for electricity storage
Demetrios Papageorgiou Mathematics Science and novel applications of superhydrophobic surfaces in the presence of heat and mass transfer
Cristina Lo Celso Life Sciences High resolution imaging of the haematopoietic stem cell niche
Gad Frankel Life Sciences The impact of treatments with beta lactam antibiotics on gut physiology and the microbiota
Robert Weinzerl Life Sciences Drugging activation domain/coactivator interactions: an interdisciplinary approach
Marina Kuimova Chemistry Probing heterogeneity of the endoplasmic reticulum to elucidate mechanisms of pathology and therapeutic targets
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Supported projects in 2015-2016
Principal Investigator Department Project Title
Heather Graven Physics Developing a measurement capability for radiocarbon in atmospheric CO2 at the new state-of-the-art radiocarbon laboratory in Bristol
Gerald Larrouy-Maumus Life Sciences Use of metabolomics approaches to understand how bacterial pathogens cope with stresses and antimicrobials
Paul French Physics Development of low-cost super-resolving microscopes - SME engagement with Cairn Research Ltd
Audrey de Nazelle Centre for Environmental Policies Enhancing the Plume Labs App and Monitor for Research and Policy (E-Plume) - SME engagement with Plume Labs
Ramon Vilar Compte Chemistry New optical probes to image Formyl Peptide Receptors (FPRs)
James Bull Chemistry Diversity Oriented Synthesis of Chiral Saturated Heterocycles: A New Approach to a Screening Collection of Fragment and Lead-like Compounds
Joshua Edel Chemistry Real-time Sensing of Dopamine and L-DOPA using DNA Aptamers for Improved Parkinson's Disease Therapies
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Supported projects in 2014-2015
Principal Investigator Department Project Title
Morgan Beeby Life Sciences Molecular mechanism of Salmonella infection
Silvia Diez-Gonzalez Chemistry Well-defined copper catalusts for the N-arylation of bulky amines
Andrew Ashley Chemistry Energy efficient catalytic hydrogenation of Nitrogen to Ammonia: sustainably feeding our future
Lesley Cohen Physics Transport properties of self assembled monolayers
Matthew Fuchter Chemistry Molecular symmetry breaking through photochemical trapping of vibrationally desymmetrised states
Nick Franks and Bill Wisden Life Sciences Capturing the neuronal ensembles underlying sleep and sedation
Tim Horbury Physics  Solar Orbiter
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Supported projects in 2013-2014
Principal Investigator Department Project Title
Tim Albrecht Chemistry Dielectric Spectroscopy in Nanopores for Single-Molecule Biosensing
Roberto Trotta Physics Search for Dark Matter particles with the XENON experiment
Marina Kuimova Chemistry Molecular rotors on surfaces and in membranes– novel probes for shear stress
Vahid Shahrezaei Mathematics Integrated analysis of bacterial cell-to-cell variability using microfluidics
Kenneth Long Physics Proton Accelerators for Science and Innovation
Aleksandar Mijatovic Mathematics Imperial Probability Centre
Audrey de Nazelle Centre for Environmental Policies Sustainable Behavioural Change
William Branford Physics Topological Spin Textures
Amanda Chatten Physics Demonstration of a photo-electrochemical reactor/luminescent waveguide assembly to split water using waste energy from a high concentration quantum well solar cell photovoltaic array
Dave Clemens Physics James Clerk Maxwell Telescope Access
E.J. Milner-Gulland Life Sciences Making London Nature-Smart
Jie Song Life Sciences Epigenetic reprogramming in plant regeneration
Guy Woodward Life Sciences Meeting Grand Challenges in Ecosystems and the Environment with A New Experimental Mesocosm Facility
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Supported projects in 2012-2013
Principal Investigator Department Project Title
Gad Frankel Life Sciences Application of live imaging to study growth and survival of bacteria in food matrices
Charlotte Williams Chemistry Catalysis Research Training Network, Kick-Start Funding to Strengthen ICL collaboration with Oxford and UCL
Patricia Hunt Chemistry Closing the loop: Ionic Liquids for Recycling WEEE
Joshua Edel Chemistry A Novel Platform for Sensing Trace Levels of Explosives in Air
Erhard Hohenester Life Sciences Molecular mechanisms of laminin function in health and disease
Jerome Gauntlett Physics String theory, quantum field theory and cosmology
William Proud Physics Phase 2 of Institute of Shock Physics
Leonardo Bottolo Mathematics Modelling complex genetic diseases by Bayesian sparse graphical chains
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Supported projects in 2011-2012
Principal Investigator Department Project Title
Demetrios Papageorgiou Mathematics Centre for Computational methods in science and engineering (CMSE)
Roland Smith Physics Refurbishment scheme for target chamber and diagnostics development laboratory
Fionn Dunne Materials/Physics New, robust, portable, high-speed displacement system
Andrew Ashley Chemistry Direct Amidation of Carboxylic Acids with Designed Non-Metallic Lewis Acid Catalysts
Timothy Barraclough Life Sciences Evolutionary dynamics of gut bacteria and their consequences for host function
Alan Heavens Physics CosmoClassic - cross-disciplinary collaboration at the new Imperial Centre for Inference and Cosmology
Karl Sandeman Physics High temperature magnetocalorics for power generation
Nilay Shah and Paul Freemont Life Sciences Support towards the development of the Industryal Biotechnology Hub
Ramon Vilar-Compte Chemistry A multiscale approach to understanding the role of non-canonical DNA structures in gene expression
Tom Welton Chemistry Ionic Liquid Biorefining of Lignocellulose to Sustainable Polymers
Joshua Edel Chemistry Neon Focused-Ion-Beam (Ne-FIB) Nanofabrication
Tim Albrecht Chemistry Catalysis Research Training Network, Kick-Start Funding to Strengthen ICL collaboration with Oxford and UCL
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Supported projects in 2010-2011
Principal Investigator Department Project Title
Jon Marangos Physics Attoscond electronic dynamics in molecular and condensed phase systems
Stephen Matthews Life Sciences Understanding molecular control of functional amyloidogenesis
Anne Dell Life Sciences Deciphering the Bacterial Glycocode - linked to Wellcome Trust SIA
Demetrios Papageorgiou Mathematics Development of Underpinning Technology for Laminar Flow Control Fellowship Funding
Jerome Gauntlett Physics String Theory, Quantum Field Theory and Cosmology
John Seddon Chemistry Sculpting Amphiphilic Structures
Peter Haynes Physics A platform for future development and application of the ONETEP software
Steve Schwartz Physics Institutional support for Astronomy consolidated grant
Xiaodong Zhang Life Sciences Structure and mechanism of key components in DNA damage response
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