The College is responsible for:

a) Ensuring that systems are in place to support and reinforce the highest standards in research, and to promote best practice.

b) Developing and communicating clear policy statements and guidelines, clear managerial arrangements, training and mentoring policies, and ethical review procedures.

c) Creating and maintaining a culture that fosters and supports honesty in research.

d) Promoting the open exchange of ideas, research methods, data and results and their discussion, scrutiny and debate, subject to any considerations of confidentiality.

e) Provide training and opportunities for development for its researchers, and the necessary resources to enable them to conduct research to the required standards.

f) Monitoring these measures for suitability and effectiveness and reviewing them where necessary.

The Research Office formulates, and is the College custodian of, research funding policies for good governance, best practice and maximising research income. It provides expert advice, manages audits, oversees compliance, and supports and develops systems to underpin the management of research.

The  exists to help the College and our researchers meet the requirements of clinical research governance, ensuring we fulfil the legal, ethical and scientific obligations to the healthcare research process.