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This is a practical PC-based course, introducing the principal building blocks used in Matlab programs and gets you started on programming.

It is not orientated to any specific area of research. This course focuses on a “back to basics” approach to teach how to program in a procedural manner, thus making programming accessible to anyone.


Entry requirements: Some knowledge of Matlab is essential. Previous exposure to programming would be beneficial or should have attended Introduction to Matlab.

Course Tutor: Krupa Shukla

This course has been approved by the Royal College of Physicians for 6 CPD credits.

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£171.00: Imperial College only.

£297.00: External rate.


£190.00: Imperial College only.

£330.00: External rate

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2020-2021 Dates



Time and Location

The courses will be run via Microsoft Teams for an unforseeable future. 

The courses may be split into two half days in the current situation.

Exact details will be sent a week prior to the course date

Course Content

Brief Overview of Matlab

  • Data Types
  • Entering Matrices
  • Matrix functions
  • File Input and Output    

Matrix Indexing

  • Accessing Single Elements
  • Linear Indexing
  • Functions that Control Index Style
  • Accessing Multiple Elements
  • Logical indexing


  • Types of M-Files
  • Basic Parts of an M-File
  • Creating a Simple M script and function.

Programming Components

  • Operators
  • Input/Output
  • Program Control Statements


  • Creating a graph
  • Editing Plots
  • Handle graphs
  • Mesha nd Surface Plots

Making your program more efficient

  • Vectorizing loops
  • Pre-allocation
  • Function arguments
  • Debugging