Role: Final Year PhD student in Control and Power research group at Imperial College London.

Subject area: Enhancing stability of power systems with integrated renewable resources

Nationality: Indian

I’m a final year PhD student in Control and Power research group at Imperial College. My research focuses on improving stability of wind energy systems. I come from India where I’ve studied till Master’s level, and I moved to London in 2020 to pursue my PhD.



GCSE and A-level equivalent) High school equivalent (Maths, Physics and Chemistry) in India

• BTech Electrical Engineering, National Institute of Technology Raipur, India
• MTech Power Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, India
• PhD (ongoing) Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Imperial College London

Details about Sai

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My research

While it is important to increase renewable energy generation to reduce carbon emissions from fossil fuel-based generation, we should do it without compromising the stability and reliability of existing power system. I work on ensuring stable and efficient integration of wind energy systems with the existing power system.

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My inspiration

I chose electrical engineering (EE) at Bachelors’ level simply because I loved solving electric circuit problems. With time I realised EE’s impact on energy transition and climate change, which led me to pursue advanced degrees with emphasis on renewable energy.

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Who is your STEM hero?

Edith Clarke, the first female electrical engineer to be professionally employed in United States. She specialised in AC circuit analysis and is well-known for the Clarke calculator and Clarke transformation. She persisted against all odds and was a trailblazer in electrical engineering field.

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Most significant discovery/invention?

Discovery of Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) impact on ozone layer depletion (Nobel Prize in Chemistry, 1995). This theory led to the landmark Montreal Protocol in 1987; the only UN environmental treaty ratified by all member nations, which in-turn gave us a fighting chance against climate change and saved millions of lives.

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Career options after study

Personally, I’d like to work in power system industry where I can translate research into real-life solutions. There’re numerous other career opportunities in research labs, academia, policy and governance.

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My hobbies

Reading, cooking, badminton and frisbee. Also, I follow geopolitics, which in my mind is the most incredible and complicated narrative, which happens to hold the power to make or break the world as we know it.