It's important to install updates on your devices to ensure that they are protected. ICT will push out updates to College PCs periodically, however you will need to check for updates on your own devices. 

The College offers Sophos Protection software (for Windows and Mac machines) available to protect hardware against viruses. This software should be preinstalled on Imperial College London machines managed by ICT. 

Installing Updates

A video on the importance of keeping your devices up to date

Stay up to date

Always remember to update your personal devices as well so that they have the most recent security patches. 

  • To do this on a Windows machine, go to the Start button, and then go to Settings > Update & Security Windows Update.
  • To do this on a Mac, Choose System Preferences from the Apple menu , then click Software Update to check for updates.

Antivirus and antimalware software are only as good as its last update. The software should automatically update, but if prompted, do update the software yourself. The most common way that a computer is infected by viruses and malware is via out of date Java, Adobe Flash and Adobe Reader software. If you ensure that this software, as well as operating system (OS) patches, are installed, you are less likely to experience issues. 

Contrary to popular belief, Apple machines and devices are also susceptible to viruses and malware so, if you have a College or personal Mac machine, we recommend that you download antivirus software. 

Notice for Mac users: Microsoft is no longer supporting (providing updates and security patches) on Office applications on High Sierra or previous operating system versions. You must be running a more up-to-date operating system. 

If you cannot update your device due to it needed to run older software to support an external device (such as a microscope) please contact the ICT Service Desk