eduroam allows students, staff and researchers from participating institutions to access the eduroam WiFi network.

Imperial College London is a participating institution so as a College member you can use eduroam at other participating institutions. You can also use the eduroam network while on campus as an alternative to the Imperial-WPA network.

Connect to eduroam

College members

To connect to the eduroam network, follow these instructions:

  1. Go to the right Imperial-WPA instructions for your device or operating system.
  2. Follow the instructions but make these substitutions:
  • Choose eduroam as the WiFi network to connect to.
  • Enter your College username (not email address) as
  • Do not specify a domain (so do not specify the IC domain).


To connect to eduroam at Imperial, please follow the eduroam instructions provided by your home institution.

Terms of use

College members

All College members are eligible to use the eduroam service.

However, you must obey the Conditions of Use of IT Facilities the Janet eduroam policy when using eduroam.


As a visitor to Imperial you must follow our Conditions of Use of IT Facilities, the Janet eduroam policy and those from your own institution.


College members

Please make sure you connect to and test eduroam before you travel to another institution.

If you have problems using eduroam, contact ICT Service Desk and supply the following information:

  • The date and time (including time zone) you experienced problems with eduroam.
  • Wireless MAC address.
  • The name of the institution you are visiting.


Please contact the support team at your home institution.