All full-time members of staff are automatically given access to ICIS and the following Self-service responsibilities:

  • My Payslips allows you to view your monthly payslip online.
  • My Details enables you to amend your personal details online.
  • My Training lets you browse and register for training courses via the Learning and Development Centre.
  • My Opportunities allows you to view online vacancies via iRecruitment.
  • My Expenses enables you to enter your expense claims online


  • On Windows, please use Firefox ESR or Internet Explorer to access ICIS, not Google Chrome.
  • ICIS functions using Java plugin based forms are currently not supported on Mac OS X, Oracle are working to address this as soon as possible but, as it stands, only ICIS self-service functions will work on the latest version of Mac OS.

Instructions for accessing ICIS

To login to the Imperial College Information Systems (ICIS), follow these steps:

  1. Go to (using Firefox ESR or Internet Explorer on Windows or Firefox ESR on Mac OS X, not Google Chrome.

Other modules

Depending on your work requirements, you can request access to different modules within ICIS for finance, grants, purchasing, student system, human resources, College ID generator, payroll and contingent workers.

Other users