ClaroRead Text-to-Speech Software Review by The CodPast


ClaroRead is a simple, easy-to-use and flexible software program that helps you to read, write, study, sit exams, and increase your confidence. You can read any on-screen text out loud and improve your writing in Microsoft Word. ClaroRead Plus and Pro also let you read aloud scanned paper books and documents.

  • Have text read aloud
  • Use digital overlays to make text more accessible
  • Convert inaccessible documents into accessible Word docs
  • Collate research into bitesize information bundles
  • Create ‘audiobooks’ from journal articles or book chapters
  • Proofread your own work, to hear how it flows

Launch the ClaroRead toolbar from the Software Hub

More helpful videos:

A video explaining what the ATbar toolbar is


ATbar is a free web tool that allows you to change the look and feel of web pages, increase and decrease font sizes, have text read aloud, use coloured overlays and improve readability. It also includes a dictionary to aid reading.

A free web tool available through the Software Hub