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Our Security team preserves the integrity and security of Imperial College London systems and equipment to protect students, staff and guests using the College networks and IT facilities from the risks associated with unauthorised access, alterations and attacks.

There are four main areas of security guidance designed to help you to:

  • Protect computers and devices. As well as appealing to thieves, any product that connects to the Internet, email services or use removable media like a USB is at risk from cyber security threats.
  • Protect College and personal information. You are responsible for the security of your personal information and devices, in addition to any College data, devices, networks or systems you access, share and use.
  • Protect yourself online. To stay safe online you need to know how to protect yourself from threats such as identity theft and cyber bullying.
  • Comply with laws and policies. The Data Protection Act and related laws, in addition to Information Systems Security Policies, Codes of Practice and Guidelines, govern and guide access to, and management of, data and use of College's IT facilities and networks. Click here for further information on data breaches and how to report them.

If you have IT security questions or concerns, contact the ICT Security team via the ICT Service Desk, or if you want to report a vulnerability, click here.

View the IT Security inductions: staff and students.