These videos describe the functionality of general AV equipment in the faculty teaching spaces.

Please contact the team on for more information or to arrange a demonstration of any of the features described in these videos.

Click on a link to view the video in a new window (you will be prompted to login to Panopto). All of the videos have closed captions - Click on the 'CC' icon in the Panopto web viewer control strip to enable these (highlighted in yellow below).
CC icon in Panopto Web player controlThe captions can also be used as a searchable index. Click on the 'Captions' menu item on the left side of the Panopto web viewer (highlighted in blue below). This will display the captions and their timings. Click on a caption to navigate to that part of the video.

Captions menu

Crestron Touch Panel (The main audio-visual system control console used in most rooms)
Crestron Push-button Panel (Audio-visual system control console used in some rooms)
Video Camera Presets
WolfVision VZ-3 Visualiser

Lectern PC (Microsoft Windows)
Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
Height-adjustable lecterns
Combining Rooms
Room Lighting