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biomedicineBio Nano Consulting was established as an operating business in 2007 through a joint venture between Imperial College London and UCL, whose formation was underpinned by research produced by Professor Tony Cass’s group at Imperial.

The company is the first consultancy in Europe to focus on the increasingly important intersection between bio- and nanotechnology, and it facilitates the development and commercialisation of new biomedical and nanotechnology-based techniques. Since its start-up, the company has attracted numerous clients across the aerospace and diagnostics sectors, including Lockheed-Martin, Targanta Therapeutics Inc, and Linde A.G. The company’s activities have generated £6M worth of revenue and it has a growing portfolio.

The BNC business model is to be a ‘labless’ company, employing scientist and engineers, as well as project managers, who will deliver the project objectives and who carry out the research in collaborating academic institutions (Imperial and UCL). The model has resulted in £2.8M of the revenues being returned to the Universities through bench fees and equipment access payments.

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