forecasts The Consumer Credit Research Group focus their research on retail credit - that is, financial services for individual people, not corporations, investors, etc.

Credit is an important, driving mechanism in the economy. Not giving it when we should has impact on the individual and impact on wider society. Advances made by the group benefit consumers and the economy by helping to ensure that consumers are not denied credit when they qualify and, conversely, preventing people from obtaining credit when they shouldn’t qualify.

The group has developed predictive models for guiding decisions concerning individual applicants and users of financial products, such as bank loans, credit cards, car finance, store cards, debit cards, mortgages, student loans, and so on.

They are active collaborators with the finance industry and have been involved in many successful consultancy projects with several financial institutions over the past thirty years.
ccr awards

The group also won the Contribution to Industry award at the 'Credit Control and Risk' Credit Excellence Awards in October 2012 - the first time that an academic group has been recognised at the awards.

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