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Ecofye is a climate action advisory that specialises in helping companies minimise their environmental impact and drive long-term competitive advantage. It was set up by Daniela Arroyo-Olson and Tiago Fachada, two entrepreneurs dedicated to saving the planet. They met while studying MSc Climate Change, Management & Finance at the Business School. Find out what they are doing to support SMEs with their sustainable goals, the launch of their new platform Ecofye+ and how you can join the green revolution today!

Our story

Our journey began back in 2019 when we saw there was a widespread awareness among businesses to take action against climate change, but not enough was being done to reduce environmental impacts and truly integrate sustainability into everyday business decisions.

There is still a great market pressure and demand for companies to become more sustainable and reduce their environmental impact. But it can be overwhelming to examine and analyse this effectively. And what does sustainability really mean? How can you measure it? To answer these questions requires the right expertise, and time to implement the required sustainable changes.

Given their limited resources, this problem is especially acute among SMEs. This discourages them from taking meaningful sustainability measures. But given SMEs make up 90% of the business landscape in the UK, there is great potential to deliver a shift in circularity, decarbonisation and social impact. We are passionate about supporting people to join the green revolution, so we decided to combine our expertise to help companies tackle their climate challenges and make a difference.

By improving our environmental impact can have real effect on our planet. That is why we are inviting everyone to join the race to net-zero as global leaders, governments and societies take important steps towards fighting climate change.

Ecofye maps out a company’s climate-related risks and opportunities to offer tailored and time efficient solutions, with the use of machine learning. We help companies find solutions that address the underlying causes of climate change. Our sustainability framework not only analyses SMEs sustainability performance but also to provide accurate solutions to accelerate climate action.

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Future-proofing for sustainable business

We believe there's never been a more important time than now for companies to take action. And that wherever a company is on its journey, it is possible to achieve sustainability goals. Our mission at Ecofye is to support companies with this and help drive a long-term competitive advantage.

We recently launched the Ecofye + platform, with the aim of making sustainability accessible and affordable for all SMEs.  It allows you to measure your sustainability performance for free via the platform and receive your sustainability score based on circular economy, emissions and social impact. You can also set sustainable target for your company, set a target road map, track your emission reduction and offset with real, trackable and certified carbon credits.

What's next for Ecofye

Although we are a young company we were delighted to be nominated as a top sustainability company in London 2021. Best Startup UK highlights small and medium enterprises from the UK to help them be recognised internationally. We can now look forward to offering environmentally impactful solutions to companies from all over the world.

For information on how to sign up, visit the Ecofye+ website.

Ecofye are currently being supported by Imperial’s Enterprise Lab, inspiring the next generation of student innovators and entrepreneurs.

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