Why Alumni give

As a member of our alumni community, you understand the value of an Imperial College Business School education and how it opens doors, both in your thinking and in the wider world. Many alumni are keen to give something back, not just to Imperial College in general but to the Business School in particular. That’s why we created the Business School Scholarship Fund.As well as meeting the needs of those who had requested this opportunity, the new Business School Scholarship Fund gives all alumni a powerful way to help us build our student cohort and the strength and reputation of the Business School.

A competitive edge

In an increasingly global marketplace, leading institutions must compete to attract the very best talent. So if we want the strongest candidates, our scholarship offering must also be competitive. The Business School Scholarship Fund will enable us to target Business School applicants of outstanding merit – the next generation of entrepreneurs, leaders and innovators who, like our alumni, will go on to contribute so much to society. It also gives you the opportunity to invest directly in the students who will carry forward the banner for excellence and achievement that you have done so much to raise. We very much hope you’ll be part of it.

For more information on supporting the Imperial College Business School Scholarship Fund, please
contact Heather Campbell on 020 7594 2949 or email.

"I give to Imperial so they can produce graduates who are successful in their chosen path and have an affinity to and love for their college. I give to Imperial to show appreciation for the education and development the school provided me… and (somewhat selfishly) to reap the social benefits associated with being an alumni donor."
Shabbab Khan
MBA graduate