Alumni Business Directory

The Business Directory is an online listing of businesses which have been set up by Imperial College Business School post-graduate alumni.

Business School alumni who have set up their own businesses are encouraged to take advantage of this advertising and business development opportunity by listing their business here.

If you wish to list your company in the Business Directory, please contact:
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Business Name Sector Location Alumnus
9others Networking UK Matthew Stafford, Executive MBA 2010 Ltd UK Kieran Fitzsimons, MSc Finance 2011
Abundance Energy UK Karl Harder, Full-Time MBA 2009
Asset.Digital Marketing UK Michael Pawlicki, MSc Strategic Marketing 2012
AtMayfair Retail/Sales UK Maulik Sailor, Full-Time MBA 2011
Beijing Shunguo Food Sales Outsourcing Company Retail/Sales China Wanshui Yin, MSc Management 2007 Retail/Sales UK Reem Yafi, Full-Time MBA 1996
Catapult Consultancy/Management USA/Argentina Matthew Turzo, Full-Time MBA 2011
CAPBROWN Consulting Ltd Consultancy/Management UK Colin Brown, Executive MBA 1998
Cheekyshoes Retail/Sales UK Marcin Zaba, MSc Management 2010
Clouder Internet/Ecommerce UK Tomas Zalatoris, MSc Management 2015
The Colombian Coffee Company Social Enterprise/Investors UK Eduardo Florez Full-Time MBA 2005
Crowd Scholar Charity (education) UK Alexander De Kegel, MSc Economics and Strategy for Business 2015
C Sphere Ltd Consultancy/Management UK Shabbir Hussain, Full-Time MBA 1991
CustomerClix Ltd Consultancy UK Kim Crosby, Full-Time MBA 2000
Digital Media Services UK LTD Marketing/Digital Media UK Amy Le Coz, Executive MBA 2004
Dor 2 Dor Oxford Marketing/Digital Media UK Geoff Brown, Executive MBA, 1997
Ecologia y Entropia Limitada Machinery Sales Colombia Juan del-Hierro-Belleza, Full-Time MBA 1992
Envestors Ltd Social Enterprise/Investors UK Oliver Woolley, Full-Time MBA 1992
Feel Green Retail/Sales France Christophe Bianchi, Distance learning MBA 2008
Fiveness Consulting Pty Ltd Consultancy/Management Australia Robert Eames, MSc Management Science 1981
FounderMates Social Enterprise/Investors India Raunak Guha and Nidhi Kapoor, both Full-Time MBA 2011
Genilum Consultancy/Management France Nicolas Mangin, Executive MBA 1999
Governance Director Consultancy/Management UK Dr Bharat Vagadia, Executive MBA 2002
London App Brewery Marketing/Digital Media UK Philipp Muellauer, MSc Finance 2011
Halo Homecare Limited Health UK David Candlin, Full-Time MBA 2000
Innovify Social Enterprise/Investors UK Maulik Sailor, Full-Time MBA 2011
Intentionality CIC Social Enterprise/Investors UK Steve Coles, Full-Time MBA 2008
Lady Obscure Marketing/Digital Media UK Senem Nalbantoglu, Full-Time MBA 2011
LOL Card Ltd Retail/Sales UK Kieran Fitzsimons MSc Finance 2012
Terra Consumer and Health technology UK Kyriakos Eleftheriou - MSc Management 2018
Market Mavens Ltd Recruitment UK Yakub Zolynski, Full-Time MBA 2010
Monmouth Partners Ltd Health UK Andrew Lawrence, Full-Time MBA 2002
Mynurva Health/technology UK Dr Zain Sikafi, Intercalated BSc Medical Sciences with Management 2008
Plumis Ltd Retail/Sales UK Dr Alan Hart, William Makant, Both Full-Time MBA 2008
Oriel Management Consulting Pte Ltd Consultancy/Management Singapore Wee Chin Chuan, MBA International Business & Finance 2000
Rafamica Limited Retail/Sales UK Ralph Monthienvichienchai, MSc International Health Management 2010
RateAway Networking UK/India Varun Mukhi and Aayush Agrawal, both MSc Strategic Marketing, 2013
Red Raven Arts Retail/Sales UK Pauline Lam, MSc Management Science 1988
RENTUU Online rental UK Andrea Guzzoni, MSc Strategic Marketing 2014
Resource Architecture Pty Ltd Consultancy/Management Australia Graham Kirkwood, Full-Time MBA 1991
Saffron Steer Ltd Health UK Michael Barker, Executive MBA 2001
Sanford DeLand Asset Management Limited Investment Management/Financial Services UK Keith Ashworth-Lord, MSc Management Science 1979
Sansome Consulting Ltd Consultancy/Management UK Duncan Sansome, Full-Time MBA 1991
School of Etiquette Consultancy/Management UK Satjit Singh, Executive MBA 1991
Sentivest GmbH Investment Management/Financial Services Germany Joachim Klindworth, MSc Risk Management & Financial Engineering 2011
SpreadBox Ltd Marketing/Digital Media UK Michael Chinwuba, MSc Management 2010
Students Upstarts Social Enterprise/Investors UK Matthew Stafford, Executive MBA 2010
Study Medicine Europe Ltd Recruitment UK Aris Grigoriou, Executive MBA 2011
Super Pixel - Digital Agency Marketing/Digital Media UK Barry Duffy, MSc Finance 2011
Symvan Securities Investment Management/Financial Services UK Nicholas Nicolaides, Full-Time MBA 1994
Thinketh Company Consultancy/Management UK Andrea Frino, Weekend Executive MBA 2009
uMotif Ltd Marketing/Digital Media UK Bruce Hellman Executive MBA 2010
V Veer Ltd Consultancy/Management UK/Egypt Waleed Mazen, Weekend Executive MBA 2011
Wheeler Associates Marketing/Digital Media UK Kevin Wheeler, MSc Management Science 1986
Who Sampled Marketing/Digital Media UK Nadav Poraz, Full-Time MBA 2007
Wind Vector Ltd Marketing/Digital Media Hong Kong Jonathan Feltwell, MSc Management Science 1983
Yemdel Mobile Partners Limited Marketing/Digital Media Nigeria Serif Kabiawu, Executive MBA 2004
YR Energy (India) Pvt Ltd Energy UK/India Yash Rawal, MSc Finance 2009
University Proofreading LLC Consultancy/Management USA Joseph Kaupp, MSc Management 2012
Shubhpuja Retail/Sales India Saumya Vardhan, Full-Time MBA 2010
CoLearnr Ltd Consultancy/Management UK Prabhu Subramanian, Executive MBA 2013
Mind Pump Studio Ltd Retail/Sales UK Valash Sirikate, MSc Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Management 2013
RankHigher Consultancy/Management India Raunak Guha, Full-Time MBA 2011
Made in Mind Retail/Sales UK Matthew Judkins, Executive MBA 2008
Boataffair Technology Sharing Economy Switzerland Adrian Walker, Full-Time MBA 2014
Digiwick Marketing/Digital Media UK Avinash Bajaj, Full-Time MBA 2011
Karina IK Retail/Sales UK Karina Oikonomidou, MSc Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Management 2014
Kazendi Innovation UK Maximilian Doelle, MSc Economics & Strategy for Business 2014
VanOne Ltd Domestic Removals UK Michael Pawlicki, MSc Strategic Marketing 2012
Jobcha Recruitment UK Christis Plastiras, MSc Finance 2009
Pinstripe Capital Real Estate UK Max Mueller, Full-Time MBA 2010
Scrumconnect IT Consultancy UK Praveen Karadiguddi, Full-Time MBA 2009
The Digital Elite Marketing/Digital Media UK Stuart Brameld, Full-Time MBA 2009
Pointr Software UK Axel Katalan, MSc Strategic Marketing 2013
Global Forecasting Solutions Forecasting & Predictive analytics UK George Boretos, MBA 1994
Airsqreen, Inc. Advertising USA Mutlu Dogus Yildirim, Distance Learning MBA 2016
Kitchen Table Projects Food and Drink UK Tara Mei, MSc Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Management 2012
Prettybloom LTD Retail/Sales UK Andrea Frino, Weekend MBA 2009
BridgeEat Ltd Social Networking UK Divya Rajendran and Elsa Bensaid, MSc Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Management 2015
Garcon Wines Food and Drink UK Rachel Murphy-Rutland, Full-Time MBA 2014
GBLRobotics Robotics Moscow, Tallinn & Los Angeles Pavel Zhdanov, RMFE 2008
HiredGrad Graduate Recruiting UK / India Andrea Bonaceto and Krishna Venkata, MSc Finance 2014
Parkway Logic Ltd Parkway Logic Ltd UK Dr Ramin Takin, PhD 2004
Eterna capital Eterna Capital UK Andrea Bonaceto and Nassim Olive, MSc Finance 2014
ZIO Health Ltd Healthcare UK and China Rory Ryan, MSc Innovation Entrepreneurship and Management 2016
Hubbite Ltd Social networking UK Daniel Hall, MSc Management 2010
Snaxchange Ltd Food/social enterprise UK Sahil Shukla, Full-Time MBA 2015
BladeLaw Law UK Alexander May, Management Science 1990
Arraystream Technologies Limited Financial Services UK Dr Yu Zheng, PhD 2018
MagmaTech Limited Low conductivity building products UK Ben Williams, Full-Time MBA 2006
Ladoop Ltd Strategy and marketing agency UK Satbir Sandhu, MSc Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Management 2015
Loveworthy LLP Marketing/PR UK Sotiris Kopatsaris, MSc Management 2017
HumaniTea Beverage UK Tina Chen, Full-Time MBA 2018
Coillection Biofuel UK Yin Noe, MSc Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Management 2018
Soda Tech/Social media UK Diego Bivero-Volpe, Weekend Executive MBA 2016
Cartaroo e-commerce Cyprus Kyriakos Eleftheriou, MSc Management 2017
The Asian Entrepreneur Media/Education Singapore Melvin Poh, MSc Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Management 2015
Zola Foods Agriculture, Health & Wellness UAE/ Zimbabwe Misha Patel and Anusha Mahtani, MSc Management
My Ova Plan Digital Health UK Maria Teresa Costa Pereira de Oliveira, MSc International Health Management
Arabee Education Technology UAE Ferakh Lakhany, Full Time MBA
Caspian Monarque Food UK Felix Cohen, MSc Management 2016