Imperial College Business School’s alumni community is accomplished, inspiring and diverse. Our alumni are the School’s greatest advocates and supporters. We rely on the support of our dedicated alumni to assist with our events and activities and to help realise the School’s strategic goals.

We are always keen to grow our supporter base with our talented alumni. Volunteering your time strengthens your link to the Business School community and provides you with opportunities to continuously develop your professional and personal skills.

Below are some of the activities which you can support. We welcome the interest of alumni across all programmes. As a volunteer, you will receive support from our team to ensure a positive and rewarding experience.

Imperial College Business School Careers need alumni support across a range of activities and initiatives. You can provide invaluable resources through offering placements, internships or consultancy projects for students.

You can also volunteer to be part of alumni panels or speak at Careers events organised by the team. Or provide job opportunities to students and encourage your organisations to hire our graduates.

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Students have many opportunities throughout the academic year to network with alumni. These events include alumni-student networking socials organised by student-led Career Clubs, alumni panels during student inductions, special programme competitions that require alumni judges or campus-based recruitment and information sessions for prospective students.

You can support students by offering to share your expertise at speaking opportunities or attend networking events.

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Senior MBA alumni are invited to mentor our current Full Time MBA cohort to support and accelerate their transition into and beyond Imperial College Business School, helping them make the most of a one year MBA programme and achieve their career goals. Matches will be made between students and alumni who are working in their industry, functional area and location of choice.

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Imperial College Business School alumni span more than 130 countries and regardless of where you are in the world, we want you to maintain your connection to the alumni community and the Business School. Imperial College’s Alumni Relations team oversees more than 35 active alumni regional groups. Click here to see the full list or complete the official group registration form if you are interested in starting a new group.

The Business School’s Recruitment team also needs recent graduates to assist with attracting the best students and future leaders at international recruitment fairs.

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Our Alumni Relations team maintains a strong online presence and offers interesting content to our alumni through TwitterLinkedInFacebook, our monthly alumni e-bulletin, Alumni Insights, and website. We encourage you to like, share and engage with our social media channels online to help increase the reach of information to the alumni community.

We need you to help us highlight the success of our alumni community through alumni profiles and case studies that we use across the School’s various communication channels.  Share your success, or the success of your former classmates. We are also interested in hearing from alumni with a talent for blog writing and you can see examples of what your fellow alumni have written.

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Alumni can play a pivotal role in recruiting the next generation of Full time, Weekend and Global MBA students by volunteering to conduct interviews. Recruitment takes place at various times during the year and alumni are expected to carry out 30 minute interviews. 

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Could you or your organisation provide a project that current students could work on? Do you have a problem they could solve? Email for more information. Closing date April 2024

"The encounters give me plenty of food for thought and make me a more interesting and in touch professional."
Alice Rackley
E-Supporter & Full-Time MBA 2011
Alice Rackley
"I absolutely loved my time at Imperial, and so I was keen to maintain an active link with the school. I think the Business School has a great offering and I’d love to help champion the brand."
Anjalika Bardalai
Former AAB Board Member & Weekend Executive MBA 2014
Anjalika Bardalai

Thank you for your interest in volunteering. Should you have any questions about supporting the Business School as an alumnus, please email