Professional development webinars are organised by the Business School’s Alumni Relations Office and are run by professional and experienced coaches, including members of the Imperial College Alumni Network, the Careers team or external contributors. Our webinars can be easily accessed by alumni living anywhere in the world free of charge.

We partner with Sensible Media Ltd for our external professional webinars – allowing us to offer expert webinars on a broad variety of career development topics. Recent webinars have included:

  • Giuseppe Conti on Overcoming Gender Biases in Salary Negotiation
  • Jeffrey Pfeffer on Office Politics and Leadership BS
  • Michael Watkins on The First 90 Days
  • Herminia Ibarra on Making the Transition to Leadership
  • Nicolas Constantinesco on Stories that Get You Hired Webinar

External webinars are advertised through your regular alumni newsletters.

If you’re interested in hosting a Peer-to-Peer Webinar, please get in touch with the Alumni Relations Office.

You can listen to previous peer-to-peer webinars here:

  • How to Stand Out from your Peers – Dorie Clark
    In this webinar, Dorie Clark, Adjunct Professor at Duke Business School and author of Stand         Out and Reinventing You shows how to define a professional niche and strategically differentiate yourself in your chosen field.
  • How to avoid tax traps when starting up in the UK – Jimmy Tse
    The UK government introduced a number of tax reliefs in recent years to encourage investment in start-up and early stage companies. However, the rules governing these reliefs are complex and can all too easily result in the reliefs being lost without some forward planning. In this webinar, Jimmy Tse (MBA 2013), Partner at Ottien Rose, identifies a few such problems encountered in practice and offers some insights on how to avoid these pitfalls.
  • Communicate more Effectively, Create Rapport! – Robert Johnston
    Whether you’re presenting to the board or your company, justifying a business case to your manager/team or discussing a new proposal with colleagues, effective communication is needed for a good outcome. Yet without first creating rapport much of our effort to communicate is wasted. This webinar covers why & how to create rapport, helping you to communicate more effectively to meet your objectives of understanding an audience, informing, persuading or getting agreement. Watch and learn with Robert Johnston (MSc Management Science 1984).
  • Growing your brand on Instagram: Frame by Frame – William Wong
    For at least 16 hours a day, you have a tool of mass innovation and collaboration – your smartphone. Instagram is an app and photo/video sharing platform you need to check out. In under an hour, William Wong (MBA 1998) @intereverything will show you his tips and insights on how you could leverage the unlimited potential of Instagram, through sharing visually compelling content and stories on your brand. Frame by Frame. Check out the video here.
  • Getting early stage investment for your start-up – Matthew Stafford
    Starting a business is hard, especially when you’re a student or recent graduate. This webinar will guide you through those early stages of starting a business, getting early traction and attracting investment. In 2014 there is a huge amount of optimism for startups and technology with a greater amount of investment and support available than in previous years but this does not mean it is easy! This webinar by Matthew Stafford (Executive MBA 2010) will equip you with the knowledge, skills and network to be able to startup and seek the first investment necessary for your business.

Want to know more? Contact the alumni team on +44(0) 207 594 6137 or email us on alumni-business@imperial.ac.uk