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An Introduction to the Social Impact and Sustainability Careers Team

It’s no longer business as usual. Not only is the world changing fast occasioned by digital transformation and the COVID 19 Pandemic, but products, business models, and organisational structures of businesses are also changing in response to the yearnings and demands of stakeholders for a more sustainable world. The current realities has been aptly summarised thus: ‘big companies are becoming green and green companies are becoming big’.

The Social Impact and Sustainability Careers team is very keen to support you in your quest for career transition into of advancement in the Sustainability and Social Impact space. This short blog is an opportunity to share with you who we are and what you can expect from us.

Who we are

Our sector team is comprised of two Career Consultants (Rachel Tonner and myself, Ayo Adegbiji) who work directly with you, and an Employer Relations colleague (Toby Emmerson) who is the main contact with employers. 

Our team offers tailored advice to students intending to start their careers in the sector or those who have years of experience in another sector and now looking to transition into the sustainability and social impact space.

How we support you

The support we provide is varied and combines one-to-one, Group Sessions and self-paced online learning leveraging the available content on the hub.

Our support takes the form of Career Coaching or Consultations. We provide information, advice and guidance for students interested in finding more about the sector, applying to the sector (CV and Cover Letter reviews) or those who have reached the interview stage and require a Mock Interview session. 

Additionally, we also support students indirectly or in conjunction with the Social Impact and Responsible Business Club.

Being part of our student-run club is a fantastic way for you to build your, gain industry insights and take on additional responsibility which can be a usual addition to your resume and thus strengthen your personal brand.

Ayo Adegbiji

MBA Careers Consultant, Lead - Sustainability & Social Impact


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