MSc Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Management 2019-20

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Over the last two months, we welcomed the new cohorts of students to our Specialised Master’s programmes: MSc Business Analytics, MSc Climate Change, Management & Finance, MSc Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Management and MSc International Health Management.

These programmes are classified as Specialised’ Masters’ because the programmes equip students with the highly specific skills to achieve their career aspirations. These Master’s programmes are truly unique, as they draw on Imperial’s excellence in data analytics, climate change, healthcare and innovation.

Find out more about these cutting-edge programmes and meet some of the new students.

MSc Business Analytics

Imperial is a leader in data analytics, and our MSc Business Analytics programme is highly in-demand for its practically focused curriculum that prepares graduates for a future of data-driven and evidence-based decision making.

Our MSc Business Analytics was recently ranked fifth in the world in the QS Business Masters Rankings 2019, demonstrating that this programme is truly world-class.

In the new cohort of 82 students, there are 43% female students. There are 29 nationalities represented in the class, the top nationalities students hail from China, France, Singapore and the United Kingdom. The majority of students join from an engineering/technology degree background (30%), followed by economics (22%).

In October, we welcomed the second year of students to the online study mode of this programme, MSc Business Analytics (part-time delivery, online).

Meet MSc Business Analytics students on both study modes

Alana McIntosh Clarke

Nationality: Barbadian
Education: BSc Economics, UCL

“I chose to study MSc Business Analytics at Imperial because both the rankings and the facilities of the Business School are top-notch. When choosing between the programme at Imperial and its competitors, I was attracted to the applicability of the modules and the direct links and applications to industry. The central London location and access to alumni, as well as the exposure to the Data Science Institute and Imperial’s strong reputation in computer science, made the decision quite easy!”

“The MSc Business Analytics cohort is one of the most ambitious, competitive but collaborative cohorts at the Business School. From day one it has been quite a steep learning curve, but the ability to work with my classmates and break down complex problems into clever solutions has been a great challenge and already a huge asset.”

Ricardo Maté Piñero

Nationality: Spanish
Education:  BSc Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Alfonso X el Sabio University
Current role: Assistant Manager in Customer Service Program Implementation, International Air Transport Association

“Imperial's MSc Business Analytics (online delivery, part-time) is a perfect combination of unmatched academic quality and flexibility to study at your own rhythm. As someone who works full-time, I really couldn't ask for more. Induction week is as exciting as it gets, you finally get to know your peers and professors while diving right into fascinating subjects. All of this through a world-class online platform!”

MSc Business Analytics 2019-20

MSc Climate Change, Management & Finance

Our MSc Climate Change, Management & Finance truly sits on the cutting edge of business and science. This programme is a partnership between the Business School and the Grantham Institute, whose mission is to translate climate change and environment-related research into real-world impact.

Equipped with the latest business skills and knowledge of climate science and policy, our graduates are set-up to become global leaders on issues relating to climate change and sustainability.

The new class of 67 students are 57% female and represent 20 nationalities, with the top nationalities of students being China, France, Germany and the United Kingdom. 31% of students come from a business/management degree background, followed by art/humanities (21%).

Meet an MSc Climate Change, Management & Finance student

Julia Janka

Nationality: Austrian
Education: BSc Business Administration, Vienna University of Economics and Business

“Climate change not only endangers the environment as we know it but also impacts our economy and businesses. Therefore, it is of the highest importance to understand the science behind it and how to tackle climate change from a business perspective. In my eyes, Imperial is the only university in the UK that offers a Master’s that focuses on this link between science and business.

“After a fantastic induction week with exciting presentations, discussions, a lovely picnic in Hyde Park with our Academic Director and two months of interesting and challenging lectures, I can say with full confidence that I made the right choice. Since I hold a bachelor’s degree in business administration, the science modules allow me to gain a better and more profound understanding of climate change. Apart from academic enrichment, what makes my experiences so far even more special are my classmates, who I can learn so much from, and who have already become very good friends."

MSc Climate Change, Management & Finance 2019-20

MSc Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Management

For students with entrepreneurial ambitions, or those who want to innovate from within an organisation, this intensive programme prepares graduates for a wide spectrum of career opportunities.

The new cohort of 85 students represent 36 nationalities, the most diverse out of our Specialised Masters’ and are 42% female. The top five nationalities in the class are China, France, Germany, India and the United Kingdom.

Almost half of the students (46%) on this programme come from a business/management degree background, but they also come from degrees in art/humanities (17%), engineering/technology (14%) and other academic areas. The internationality and diversity of the programme is how the magic happens as it stimulates exciting ideas and innovative thinking.

Meet an MSc Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Management student

Niklas Hildebrand

Nationality: German
Education: BA Business Administration, Provadis School of International Management and Technology

“Imperial not only offers a comprehensive programme alongside an outstanding global reputation but more importantly, it allows you to study among students from all disciplines ranging from medicine to chemical engineering. This fosters creativity as well as innovation and for that reason, I decided to study the MSc Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Management programme.

“On my first day I was really nervous but after having finished the first projects, attending the first lectures and most importantly talking to everyone, I realised what Imperial is all about: rigorous debates about digital issues and sustained, ongoing learning throughout a career enabled by a culture of quality, digital agile minds and empowered staff and students.”

MSc Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Management 2019-20

MSc International Health Management

MSc International Health Management is another programme that draws on the strengths of Imperial College London as a leader in STEM. Leveraging the College’s medical expertise, the programme is uniquely positioned to offer students the best education in health management.

Out of the 70-student cohort, 77% are female and 26 nationalities are represented, with the top nationalities joining from China, Hong Kong, Thailand, the United Kingdom and the United States.

With the health-focused nature of the programme, it is unsurprising that 60% of students come from a science/medicine degree background. This is followed by business/management (17%) and finance/accounting (12%).

Meet an MSc International Health Management student

Zainab Shaukat

Nationality: Pakistani
Education: BA Politics and International Relations, University of Exeter

“I have always known that I wanted to study my Master’s at Imperial College Business School because of its incredible reputation and diverse nature.  In fact, I decided to study the MSc International Health Management before I decided on my undergraduate course. Imperial is one of the few top universities to offer this exact programme that I was seeking. The content of this Specialised Masters’ definitely equips me with all the tools that I may need for my career healthcare management.

“Induction week was such a lovely opportunity to meet the cohort and learn more about where everyone was from via the international showcase. Since then, the coursework has kept us very busy but working in out assigned syndicate teams allows the work to feel more realistic and practical, because, in a healthcare setting, we will often find ourselves having discussions to finalise a decision.”

MSc International Health Management  2019-20

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