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We aim to contribute to both business and society by harnessing the potential of innovative thinking. We are pleased to present the Dean's Impact Scholarship to individuals who showcase accomplishments and influence in five key areas, detailed in this blog. Daniel Rubio Sanchez, a Global Online MBA student shares his experience securing the Dean's Impact Scholarship, delving into its personal significance and offering practical advice for prospective students.

Nationality: Spanish

Education: Global Bachelor’s Double Degree in International Business and International Relations, Universidad Europea de Madrid  

Receiving the Dean's Impact Scholarship

I received the Dean's Impact Award (Technology and Innovation). It’s a scholarship meant to recognise candidates who demonstrate the biggest impact and achievement in any of the following five key areas:  

  • Entrepreneurship  
  • Technology and Innovation  
  • Sustainability  
  • Social Impact  
  • Leadership  

It is an application-based process, so you must really reflect on what your biggest strengths are and make sure they are clear to your reviewers during a short 3-minute video.   

Finding out I had secured this scholarship

I remember I learnt about the award on a Friday morning right before going to work. I was jubilant and excited about the opportunity and what this meant for me. I probably awoke half of my neighbours with my loud morning celebration. It was the time I realised I was going to be an Imperial student.  

My motivations for applying

I would have not had any of the opportunities I enjoy today if it were not for my parents. They have always seen the value of education to create future opportunities for me. When I was younger, I did not always understand it but now I see why they made such a big effort to help me get the best possible education.   

I have supported my education with scholarships since I started my undergraduate degree. My family could simply not afford the cost of my university education, so I worked hard to get good grades during my last years of high school. Due to that effort, I was able to receive a merit-based scholarship from my university since my first year. A year later, I also received an academic excellence scholarship from the Spanish government and additional support from the European Union (EU) for my Erasmus work experiences abroad.  

I believe going through those competitive processes made me more aware of the value of being awarded a scholarship by Imperial. In a way, receiving the scholarship helped me move on from the imposter syndrome and see that I was ready for the challenge.  

Daniel Rubio Sanchez  - Induction week
Global Online MBA induction week

What the scholarship means to me

The Dean's Impact Award has opened the opportunity of taking on a part-time MBA while working full-time for me. It is not an easy decision, but it certainly helps to take the leap and believe in yourself. If you think about it, Imperial College Business School is not just offering you a place in one of their top programmes, but also funding to support you along the way.   

The scholarship has also already been a great avenue to connect with other Imperial College Business School students from other MSc and MBA programmes.

For example, during our Induction Week the School organised a breakfast on campus for us to get to know each other. I am sure there will be plenty of opportunities to learn more about their experiences, careers, and ambitions.   

My advice to those aspiring to earn a scholarship

Firstly, make sure you apply. I almost made the mistake of not submitting my application because I thought there was no way I would get selected.  

Secondly, take the time to really understand your strengths as an applicant and what might have convinced Imperial to offer you a place in the programme in the first place. You might be an entrepreneur, or someone who has made a significant impact on sustainability. Double down on that impact and connect it to a specific subcategory for the Dean's Impact Award.   

Finally, rehearse and rehearse until you make sure the main points (3-4 maximum) of your application come across clearly in the video assessment. Think about the kind of applicants the programme will get by reviewing the class profile and what makes you stand out. Imagine yourself being part of the selection committee, build a strong personal story that provides a common thread for your application and make it hard for them not to choose you.