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Imperial College Business School is committed to closing the gender gap in business, and is passionate about supporting talented women pursuing a career in finance. We are therefore pleased to offer the Women in Finance scholarship to exceptional female candidates who demonstrate outstanding academic achievement and career potential. 

Kate Egorova, MSc Investment & Wealth Management shares her experience achieving this scholarship, what it means to her and her advice for prospective students. 

Securing the Women in Finance scholarship  

The scholarship offer email was a complete surprise to me since scholarships like Women in Finance do not require a separate application. These scholarships are awarded by the Academic Selection Committee based on all the information you submitted during the normal Master’s application process. I think I read the email three or four times to make sure it is a genuine email – that’s how much I could not believe the offer.  

In my undergraduate studies and thereafter I never thought that I would qualify for any sort of aid and/or scholarships which is why I was so shocked initially. In the end, I am extremely thankful and proud of the award as it not only helped me financially but also introduced me to an entire new network of others scholarship holders from other programmes that I otherwise wouldn’t have access to. 

My motivations for applying for this scholarship 

As mentioned, Women in Finance scholarship does not require a separate application, but the admissions website encourages you to include any leadership experience or participation in diversity initiatives in your personal statement. The subject of diversity in the workplace and promoting female talent is very close to my heart so it was one of the points that I made in my application. However, I wasn’t sure whether I qualify for the scholarship so I wrote my application as normal and was not focussing specifically on any goal in mind other than securing a place on MSc Investment & Wealth Management programme.  

What this scholarship means to me 

Everyone struggles with imposter syndrome be it at university or work including me. When I was applying, I knew that Imperial is a highly competitive university especially given the fact that it was my second time applying for the Master’s programme after being waitlisted for 2022 entry. Naturally, there were doubts in my head whether I would get in or whether I have enough to succeed in the programme. Being offered this scholarship was an eye-opening moment and it helped me gain confidence in my ability to succeed at Imperial and beyond. 

“I am extremely thankful and proud of the award as it not only helped me financially but also introduced me to an entire new network of others scholarship holders from other programmes that I otherwise wouldn’t have access to.” 

My advice for prospective scholarship applicants 

I would say the best piece of advice is to be yourself and don’t be afraid to be vulnerable in your application. The Academic Committee doesn’t only care about your grades or where you want to work after the programme, they want to see well rounded individuals. So, if there is a particular cause or issue that is close to you or there are any interesting extra-curricular activities or hobbies that you’ve done, don’t be afraid to talk about them and how they’ve helped you become the person that you are today. Secondly, applying early if possible will show your drive and dedication to the programme and Imperial, and may give your application a boost. 

How to apply 

Candidates who submit their MSc programme application by the deadlines advertised below and receive an offer for the programme will automatically be considered for this scholarship. 

Your personal statement should highlight your leadership experience so far and what you have learnt from it. We are especially interested in hearing about any participation in diversity initiatives in your university or professional experience. Successful candidates will be notified by the Admissions team. 

Awards will be assessed from the initial deadline onwards, and you are therefore encouraged to submit your application as early as possible to maximise your chance of success. Awards may not be granted following every deadline, as all scholarships in this category may have been awarded in a previous round, or there may be insufficient eligible candidates in a round. 


  • Friday 29 March (final deadline for 2024)

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