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The end of year Consulting Project is an opportunity for students to experience what it is like to face real business challenges and apply what they have learned during the year.

A group of six students were asked by Bupa UK to build a communications strategy and engagement blueprint to help enhance relationships with general surgery medical professional bodies.

The team acted as a management consulting group which exposed them to the working environment of a large healthcare company and provided an opportunity to enhance their data analysis, communication and project management skills.

It is a chance for them to work with a new group of people, learn different skills and play to each other’s strengths. 

“It was a fantastic opportunity to develop a solution that really added value to our client’s business,” – Dr Kiran Andradi, MSc International Health Management 2014-15

The project’s main objective was to help Bupa to further develop relationships with UK medical professional associations in the field of general surgery, with a specific focus on improving the quality of care for customers.

“The project was heavily clinically based and gave us the opportunity to propose a solution which would add real value to patients, consultants and Bupa,” – Pavani Kamalsurya, MSc International Health Management 2014-15

The students felt that they made a positive contribution and were able to provide a different perspective from outside the corporate structure. It was a great networking experience for the students and an opportunity for them to demonstrate their consulting skills to potential employers.

“The solution which the students presented to us was underpinned by research, clinical insights and thorough planning, and was very helpful” – Ayodele Kazeem, Bupa

The team remained focused on the task and outcomes to ensure they met the requirements of the initial brief. They carefully considered the strengths of each member in their group and understood what could realistically be achieved in the timeframe. They believed that teamwork was essential and contributed to the success of the project.

Meet the Team

Dr Kiran Andradi MBBS
Dr Andradi is from the UK and has a medical degree from Brighton & Sussex Medical School. He hopes to take up a job in healthcare management or consultancy, with a long-term goal of reaching a senior level in one of these fields.

Pavani Kamalsurya
Pavani is from India and has a Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy (Honours) from Birla Institute of Technology and Sciences and has six years work experience in data analytics and consulting with IMS Health and Analytics Quotient.

Dr Nicola Lake BDS
Dr Lake is from the UK and gained her Bachelor of Dental Surgery in 2005. She has worked in both General Dental Practice, providing NHS and private treatment, and in the Community Dental Service, providing dental care to adults and children with special medical needs and disabilities.

Dr Myra Malik, BSc (Hons), MBBS, FRCA
Dr Malik is from London with Pakistani heritage. She is an ST7 in anaesthesia in the Imperial School of Anaesthesia. Her long term goal is to continue working in the public sector but in the interim wants to consider an overseas sabbatical.

Dr Vainius Rakauskas MBBS, MSc
Dr Rakauskas currently works at a management consultancy company in the City. He is interested in what makes clinical practice efficient, competitive and valuable to patients. At Imperial, he has found some of these answers and new ways of asking the questions.

Siti Salma Ramli
Siti has a BSc degree in Biomedical Science from King’s College London and wants to use her Master’s to help her understand the commercial side of the healthcare industry. One of the most rewarding aspects of the programme has be working and learning alongside a diverse range of people.


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