Aishwarya Banerjee outside ICBS


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The MSc Management programme at Imperial College Business School integrates practical learning with research excellence, providing a comprehensive understanding of crucial business and management concepts in the context of a fast-paced and dynamic marketplace. 

Aishwarya Banerjee, a MSc Management student with a background in aerospace engineering shares her motivations for studying at Imperial, her experience on the programme so far, and the impact this has had on her personal and professional development.  

About me 

I come from the small, charming city of Jamshedpur in Northern India; and am now living my 'small town girl' dream in the bustling city of London. This journey is not just about education; it is about transformation and pursuing dreams. 

The question I often hear is, "Why MSc Management after aerospace engineering?" Well, after diving deep into the technical world and doing internships in the field, I realised I did not want a purely technical job. I was aiming for leadership roles, and managing projects, not just working on them. As I did not have prior foundation in business studies, I chose to pursue MSc Management at Imperial College Business School. 


The programme is more than just studying; it is about building real-life knowledge, creativity, and critical thinking. I love the fast-paced nature of the programme, which keeps me constantly engaged.


Why I chose Imperial College Business School 

When I first embarked on my university search, I found myself swimming in a sea of uncertainty. I aimed high, sending applications to my top choices, and soon enough, received a few positive responses, including one from Imperial College Business School. The moment I read my acceptance letter, it felt like an unbelievable dream - an opportunity to study at such a renowned institution. 

London location 

It was not only about the academics but also about the location of the Business School that drew me towards it. Located in the bustling centre of London, a city brimming with major organisations and limitless opportunities, Imperial stood as an ideal gateway. The networking possibilities both within the city and at the Business School seemed infinite.  

Living in London also meant fulfilling a childhood fantasy. As a Potterhead, being this close to the magical world of Harry Potter is a dream come true! 

Aishwarya Banerjee at Kings Cross Station
Aishwarya at Kings Cross Station

Imperial’s programme structure 

What truly set Imperial College Business School apart for me was its programme structure. The flexibility to choose from a wide array of electives meant I could tailor my learning to my interests and career aspirations.  

This versatility was something I did not find in many other institutions, which often only offered a dissertation in their final term. Imperial, on the other hand, provided diverse paths like entrepreneurship, consulting, social projects, and even work placements. 

Alumni Network 

Let's not forget about the alumni network at Imperial. Its vast and diverse, offering a window into various industries and career paths. This aspect alone presented an invaluable resource for understanding the different pathways one could pursue post-graduation.

Induction week 

My first week was truly unforgettable. We had an incredible array of activities that are now etched in our memories. From interactive workshops to seminars covering various job sectors, the experience was enriching. Our induction week took place in the famous Science Museum, exclusively reserved for us Imperial College Business School students. This experience at the museum was not only fun but also a superb networking opportunity where I learned a lot.  

We also had day trip to Reading for team-building activities like pole climbing, wall climbing, laser tag, and more. The diversity of our cohort, in terms of nationality and professional backgrounds, made working together even more enjoyable. 

Aishwarya Banerjee outside Royal Albert Hall
Aishwarya outside Royal Albert Hall

Imperial’s MSc Management 

The programme is more than just studying; it is about building real-life knowledge, creativity, and critical thinking. I love the fast-paced nature of the programme, which keeps me constantly engaged. Assignments challenge us to apply classroom learning to real-world problems, encouraging our ideas and recommendations. For me, the standout has been the Strategic Management module. The case studies used in this module have been very intriguing, allowing us to explore solutions and understand the rationale behind organisational decisions.  

We recently had a simulation as part of our Organisational Behaviour (OB) module, and it was fascinating to see such a theory-based subject being taught with a tech-driven approach. Starting this year, there has been an innovative transition to group dissertations that incorporate simulations, further demonstrating Imperial’s dedication to leading in contemporary business trends. 

One aspect of the programme that I am particularly excited about is the Entrepreneurship module. This was one of the key modules that drew me to Imperial. The module is designed to inspire students to generate their own start-up concepts and present them to a panel of judges. It is an incredible opportunity to develop my own business concepts and understand the practicalities of bringing these ideas to fruition. Presenting them to the judges is not just an academic exercise; it is a real-world test of confidence and entrepreneurial skills. 

Social life 

As one of the social leaders for my class of around 200 students, I help organise these events. We recently organised a social outing for our cohort at Winter Wonderland. We also had a James Bond-themed party for the Management Masters’ suite, complete with roulette, photobooths, and plenty of dancing. 

The programme staff are incredibly friendly and genuinely concerned about making improvements. They are also accessible and responsive, which makes a huge difference. 

Aishwarya Banerjee and peers
Aishwarya and peers at an Imperial event

Impact on leadership and personal development 

I learned early on that leadership is not about being the best or always winning. It is about drawing out the best in everyone, ensuring we all become the best versions of ourselves. Imperial re-enforces this philosophy especially in group assignments, which is a significant part of the programme. It is not a competition of who is better or worse; rather, these group dynamics are designed to help us leverage our individual strengths and collectively produce the best outcomes. These collaborations have enhanced our communication skills and team-building abilities which are crucial for professional success. 

Careers support 

The Careers Team at the Business School played a pivotal role in our professional development. They organised workshops for CV and Cover Letter writing and provided one-on-one meetings with career coaches, which were immensely beneficial. We even had a mock assessment centre, a crucial part of the UK hiring process, to prepare us for real job applications.  

 I am eager to attend the job fairs organised by the Careers team. This will be an excellent opportunity to engage with industry professionals, network, and glean insights into their career paths and tips for success.  

Overall, my time at the Business School is shaping up to be an enriching blend of academic rigour, practical learning, and unforgettable social experiences.