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Monday 21 October

Monday morning is an early start for me, with a 9.00 accounting lecture I’m up earlier than usual. After snoozing two alarms I begin my morning routine. Truthfully, I don’t have to get up as early as I do, but after four years living in the East Midlands of England, I need all the time I can get to adjust to commuting in London. To help in that effort I live by an important maxim; a public transport journey can be either long or stressful, it must not be both.

As I step out of the South Kensington subway, I walk towards the Business School to attend an accounting lecture. Accounting can be a difficult subject, but I think it is a prerequisite for accountants to love what they do – my lecturer shows more enthusiasm at 9:00 than anyone should at that time of day.

With teaching having ended for the day and a nice cup a tea in hand, I meet my syndicate group for our first meeting of the week. This is the second group project of the semester, and it is safe to say that the group is starting to experience teething problems. But that’s natural, right?

With the group meeting finished (running later than expected), I can continue job applications that I have been working on for the past three weeks. One of my reflections about studying at Imperial is how quickly the university Careers team get you focused, and career minded.

Tuesday 22nd October 2019

I love Tuesdays at Imperial for one reason and one reason only - I step out of the South Kensington subway to be greeted by the sweet dancing aroma of the Farmer's Market on the Queen's Lawn. They sell the thickest juiciest burger that you will ever find, a sweet slice of cake or even fresh organic fruits and homemade fruit juice. Trust me, you can afford to forget the packed lunch on a Tuesday.

A quick tip: if you want to avoid long queues, get in early and buy your goodies before 11.00.

Wednesday 23rd October 2019

Wednesday is an unusually busy day, my syndicate group receives our marks for our first ever group project (we got a distinction!). It is just the encouragement we need to finish up the latest group work assignment. I also attend the first Student-Staff Committee of the year. It is privilege to be a part of this and sharing my Imperial experience.

With lectures finishing at 15.00, I have time to finish a job application and, have someone look over it on Thursday during the Careers drop-in session.

Farmers Market

Thursday 24th October 2019

It’s another rainy British morning so my friend and I decided to break up the day. Using a big gap between lectures to visit the Victoria & Albert Museum (V&A). The V&A is a two-minute walk from the Imperial South Kensington campus and since visiting a museum is a classic rainy day activity, it was the perfect thing to do. Plus, it’s free! It seems surreal to leave the culture, beauty and artistry of the V&A to attend a lecture on Global Healthcare Marketing lecture, but we do exactly that.

Friday 25th October 2019

TGIF! Although truthfully, the week was not that stressful. With another early morning start, I carry that Friday feeling as I get ready for the day, especially since today’s early start means an early finish. In between lectures I make the suggested changes to my job application from the Careers drop-in session and send off my first job application.

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