Founder of ready-to-wear fashion brand Basic Movement, Esme Palaganas explains how her plans to grow her Phillippines-based company changed in response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis. She explores why it's important to be part of a likeminded community of designers and artists and why effective communication is key to a successful business.

Reden Roxas, one of the founders of fruit and vegetable store, The Murang Gulay Shop in the Phillippines, explains why he wanted to launch a business providing affordable groceries, as well as how COVID-19 affected demand and transportation of resources. He also explains why it's crucial to know your market and why it's best to hire those in need of work. 

Ojoma Idegwu, founder of plus-size women's fashion brand Dear Curves, discusses the impact of COVID-19 on her plans for the business and how it affected sales. She also explains what the pandemic taught her about the importance of collaborating with similar businesses and being willing to ask for help.