Suggesting a book for purchase

We welcome recommendations for new purchases. Please complete a form for each suggestion, including as many details as you can.


How can I suggest a book, journal or database?

Complete a resource suggestion form for each title you’d like to suggest, entering as many details as you can about the resource.

Who can suggest a book, journal or database?

All Imperial students, researchers and staff are able to suggest a book, journal or database for purchase, including NHS staff.

How many suggestions can I make?

You may suggest as many titles as you would like, however Library Services has a limited budget.

Will Library Services buy every title I suggest?

All suggestions all considered for purchase, if your suggestion is ineligible, we will inform you via email. In some cases, Document Delivery may be a more appropriate option.

 As new subscriptions to journals and databases require an ongoing annual financial commitment, we are often unable to invest in new journals and databases due to having a limited budget.  If this is the case your Subject Librarian can work with you to find the information that you need in material that we already have access to.

How long will it take for the book to arrive?

Our estimated delivery schedule is:

  • E-books: 1-3 days
  • Print books: up to 4 weeks
  • Journals and databases: at least 6 months

If you need a book or article from a journal urgently, please contact the Document Delivery as this might be quicker.

How will I know when the book is ready to borrow?

Library Services will contact you via email.

What if you can't get my book?

If we can't get your requested item, we will let your subject librarian know and they will contact you to see if we can help by sourcing an alternative copy or getting you access to the resources you need via Document Delivery.

Can I suggest purchasing more copies of a book which is on loan?

Yes. We will consider purchasing additional copies of titles which are in high demand.

You can also request a book which is on loan or at another campus.

What should I do if I need urgent access to a journal or database that you cannot buy?

Contact your subject librarian about this, it's likely that they will be able to find what you need in other resources that we already hold.

They will also be able to suggest how else you might get access to what you need.