One to one training for NHS staff

One to one session We offer training to NHS staff in the use of the wide range of online resources provided by Imperial College London and the NHS.

Sessions include:

  • introduction to the Library and NHS resources
  • database searching
  • evidence based medicine
  • current awareness

Sessions can be on a one to one or group basis, as required, and can be tailored to your needs.

One to one training

Our one to one training can be tailored to your individual requirements and level of expertise.

To arrange a session either make an appointment with your NHS support librarian or drop in to the Library - if your librarian is available they will be happy to help you.

Group training

Contact your NHS support librarian to arrange group training in any of the following:

  • library inductions
  • search skills
  • critical appraisal

We can also help you with tailored training on individual resources and topics of your choice.

The format of your session will be similar to our lunchtime workshops.