Members of the public and other visitors can apply to use the Abdus Salam Library to access material not easily available elsewhere.

You must specify which book or journal titles you wish to consult and you may not use the Library simply as a place to work.

Students requiring material at A level or general undergraduate level will not normally be admitted.

Foundation for International Education students should see FIE Academic Resources before visiting.

How to register

Complete the online library membership application form.  Your application will be reviewed within 5 working days and you will be notified of the decision.You will need to specify your reason for using the library, including details of the book or journal titles you wish to consult. Access to some items, e.g. business databases, may not be available. Due to the pressure on study space within the library, if the items you have suggested are accessible elsewhere, for instance the British Library, your application is likely to be turned down.

If your application is successful you can visit the Abdus Salam Library Welcome Desk to collect your card.  You must bring one of the required forms of Identification.  Access to the library will normally be granted for one week or one month, according to your requirements.

If your application is refused you may appeal against the decision. Appeals will be referred to the Head of User Services.

We issue library admission cards at the discretion of the Director of Library Services and they must be shown on request. Library Services reserve the right to refuse admission.

Using e-journals, e-books and databases

Your access to e-journals, e-books and databases is limited only to those permitted by the terms of our licences and only available within the Library. Their use is strictly for non-commercial purposes and you must adhere to licence restrictions. For access to a specific title contact the Abdus Salam Library Information Hub.

Visiting the campus libraries

To visit our campus libraries you will need to make a prior appointment giving details of the reason for your visit including specific books or journal titles you wish to consult.

On arrival, you will need to show one of the required forms of Identification, showing your address.