What to do if you have lost or damaged a library book or item

You are responsible for all items issued to your library account and will be expected to pay the replacement cost for any lost, misplaced or damaged items (see library regulations).

Contact Library Services as soon as possible if:

  • You cannot find an item which you have borrowed from the Library
  • You have returned an item, but it still appears on your library account
  • You have an item on your library account which you believe you have never borrowed
  • An item you borrowed has been damaged while on loan to you

We will investigate the matter for you and advise you when the item is either located, confirmed lost, or we have examined any damage. On rare occasions we may ask you to make an appointment with the User Services Manager to discuss the incident further.

If the item is found, it will be returned from your account immediately. If, after additional searches, the item is still missing, we will send you a bill letter and add the replacement cost to your library account.

You can make the payment by signing in to your library account on Library Search or in person at any of our libraries. We are unable to accept replacement copies.

Any total charges over £10.00 will automatically block your account from further borrowing and renewals until paid.

If you fail to respond to library norices regarding a lost, missing or damaged item, we will pass the matter to College Finance who will invoice you for the replacement cost. This will incur an additional non-refundable administration charge of £30.00 as well as the replacement cost.