Request a journal from the Central Library store

Store Service suspended

The Store Service is temporarily suspended. For enquiries email

To confirm availability of printed journal titles and volumes physically held by the Library, please use Library Search.

If a print journal volume you require is not held in our print or electronic collections, or is held at a different campus library from where you are based, you may request the article using the Document Delivery.

If you are based at the Central Library, please use the form below for journals listed in Library Search as ‘Apply for Store service (information hub)’.

You may request a maximum of 4 items from the store at any one time.

The Store Service operates at the following times:

  • Monday - Friday
    Requests are collected at 15.00 and will usually be available by 16.00. Requests can only be collected during staffed opening times.

  • Saturday - Sunday
    There is no fetching service at the weekend. Requests made will be collected at 15.00 on Monday.