Finding maps in the Abdus Salam Library

The Abdus Salam Library has a large collection of maps, primarily of the United Kingdom but also the Americas and other parts of the world.

Our maps are divided into geological and topographic - find them using Library Search.

Geological maps 

Geological maps are on level 4.

  • Flat maps are in the map cabinet opposite the lifts, filed in country order, then by map number
  • Folded maps are on the bookshelves at 55

Additional information about the maps of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, published by the British Geological Survey (BGS), are available in the Memoirs, Sheet Explanation or Sheet Description with the ESE Series collection, on level 4. 

Topographic maps

Topographic maps are on level 5 bookshelves at 912 (boxed in numerical order).

They are used for walking, touring or visiting areas, as well as for research.

Online maps

For Ordnance Survey and Geological maps use Digimap.