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Lyudmila Baranova
Manager, Content and Discovery: Document Delivery
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Manish Patel
Coordinator, Content and Discovery: Document Delivery
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About Document Delivery

Document Delivery requests items, which are not available at your own campus library from other sources in the UK and abroad.

This free and unlimited service is available to:

  • Imperial students and staff 
  • NHS staff from trusts with links with Imperial

Warning: To comply with UK Copyright Law, you are allowed to request a copy of one article/chapter/conference paper from any one journal issue/book/conference proceedings.

Making a document delivery request

Always check Library Search before making a request - we may have the publication either online or in print in your campus library.

If the item is not in any of our libraries or online collections use the ORDER A BOOK OR ARTICLE in Library Search.

If a book is at another Imperial campus library place a request in Library Search and it will be delivered to your chosen library.

For an article from a journal at another Imperial campus library use the ORDER A BOOK OR ARTICLE on Library Search and we will email it to you.

Receiving documents electronically on your PC or mobile device

Journal articles, book chapters and conference papers obtained from:

  • Imperial College campus libraries
  • British Library
  • Other libraries

will be sent to your College or NHS email address when possible.

The email will contain information you should follow to download the document provided.

Remember that you have signed the Copyright Declaration and must follow the restrictions applied.