Where possible, please make a request for permission to film or take photographs prior to visiting the Library for this purpose.

Abdus Salam Library

All requests for permission to film or take photographs in the Abdus Salam Library should be directed to the Head of User Services

When making a request please supply the following information:

  • the purpose of the film or photography shoot
  • the proposed date and time
  • the nature of the shoot e.g. whether you intend to film / photograph library users or actors
  • the location in the library

Requests will be considered on a case by case basis. The Head of User Services may contact you or the media team to discuss the request further.

When carrying out filming and photography, remember that the Library is a study space. Observe the following guidance:

  • do not disturb library users in the course of their work, either with noise or flash photography
  • do not film or photograph library users in such a way that they could be identified
  • ensure that the space you are using is clean and tidy – check that the area is free from litter, food, drinks without lids and trailing wires
  • do not block access routes or prevent library users from moving around the building
  • do not move study desks or other items of furniture without the permission of the Head of User Services
  • library staff are unable to reserve study spaces for the purposes of filming and photography

Imperial Communications can provide further information.

Campus libraries

Requests to film at the campus libraries should be directed to the relevant Librarian in the first instance. The above considerations will apply.