Evidence search service for NHS staff

Library Services offers a free evidence search service to eligible NHS staff. This service is not available to NHS placement students. 

The service is provided to inform patient care, service improvement, research activity and clinical teaching. One of the NHS support librarians will perform an expert search for you across relevant databases. You are welcome to use the evidence searching service as part of research potentially leading to a publication. Please ensure that the librarian who carried out the search is fully acknowledged in the final published work.

We do not carry out evidence searches for assessed academic work. If your request relates to assessed work, please contact your NHS support librarian to arrange a one-to-one training session. 

The length of time a search takes will depend upon the nature of the search and the workload of the librarian. Please specify how urgent the search is on the request form, giving a specific date by which you require the results.

Evidence Search requests are submitted and managed in KnowledgeShare. To submit a search request in KnowledgeShare, login, open the Evidence tab and fill in the form on the “Request an Evidence Search” page.

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If you have any further questions please contact your NHS support librarian.

Evidence search flowchart