An infographic showing copyright tips for online learning. Scroll down for a text-only version of the same information

Copyright tips for online learning


  • Acknowledgethe source of everything you copy. UK law requires this.
  • Use small amounts of other people's work in your teaching materials.
  • Select course materials from the Library's collection and Box of Broadcasts as these are licensed for use by Imperial staff and students.
  • Use Leganto Reading Lists to create resource lists and the Library will deal with copyright clearance and sourcing content.
  • Ask for helpwhen you have questions.

Do not

  • Disregard copyright law because you found it on the internet. Free to view does not equal free to reuse.
  • Use large amounts of other people's work without permission, especially if it is commercially valuable.
  • Direct students to pirate content on the internet, be it videos, documents or course readings at another university. 
  • Make your teaching materials available to everyone on the internet. Use College platforms and restrict access to only students on the course.
  • Leave it to chance. Make it clear to students that course content is for personal use and should not be shared with others.

A longer version of this advice is available as COVID-19: Copyright and Licensing tips for online teaching, alongside other Copyright Guidance and FAQs   (2021 Copyright, Imperial College London)