Nelson Phillips

About Nelson Phillips

Abu Dhabi Chamber Chair in Innovation and Strategy, Associate Dean of External Relations
Professor Nelson Phillips holds the Abu Dhabi Chamber Chair in Innovation and Strategy, having been Acting Dean the Business School. He has published more than 100 academic articles. He is Programme Director of the Executive Education course, Leadership in a Technology-Driven World.

Professor Phillips’ research interests lie in four main areas. First, he has become increasingly engaged in a program of research looking at a range of different but related issues in entrepreneurship. From a more practical perspective, he is interested in how to scale up new, high-growth ventures and in how scaling up social enterprises differs from scaling up more traditional companies. He is also interested in how new ventures “pivot” as this activity remains highly undertheorized. He is also involved in a project investigating how the idea of an incubator has been adapted to different cultural setting. When studying entrepreneurship, Professor Phillips often uses ideas from organization theory to help him theorize and he has found this approach to be particularly fruitful.