What the future happened to ethics in big business

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Sheridan Ash

Alumna Sheridan Ash explores ethical leadership with Celia Moore  

Humans are natural-born followers, so it’s important that those of us who are willing to step up and lead demonstrate strong ethical behaviour. But how does this impact business?

Sheridan Ash, Full-Time MBA 2002, Tech Innovation, and Women in Technology Leader at PwC UK, discusses this issue with Celia Moore, Professor of Organisational Behaviour.

Watch their discussion. 

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Professional background

Sheridan is an experienced senior executive, and has worked at PwC for nearly ten years. Over this time she has developed a deep expertise in technology and innovation strategy, and developed a passion for ensuring the responsible, ethical and equitable development and use of new technologies to improve productivity and the quality of life. Her current role as Innovation Lead at PwC (UK), working for the Board member responsible for Technology and Investments includes leading the innovation strategy, building technological and innovation capability and supportive culture, assembling and sustaining collaboration amongst diverse sets of people and organisations in evolving innovation ecosystems. She also founded the ground-breaking initiative Tech She Can, which has brought together 115 companies and institutions to work together to create a long lasting impact on the societal-wide level issue of too few girls and young women pursing technology subjects and careers.

Sheridan is a proud and active member of the Imperial alumni network.

"Being part of the Imperial alumni network is really important to me. The people I did the MBA with are still very much in my life and that was 20 years ago. We are still a community and connected across the globe. I get so much out of being part of the network," she said. 

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