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Europe: welcome!

Before I used to think of Europe in terms of its different countries, languages, and cultures. But last year I fell under the spell of the presentation proposed by the Mckinsey Global Institute in their study “Future of work in Europe”.

It presents Europe as a patchwork of highly variated local labour markets: forty-eight dynamic cities, including Amsterdam, Copenhagen, London, Berlin, Madrid, Munich, and Paris.

They are home to 20% of Europe’s population, generated 43% of Europe’s GDP growth, 35% of its net job growth, and 40% of its population growth over the last decade.

Ok, since the 31st of January 2021, London and the UK are not part of the European Union. But this means that there are still forty-six dynamic cities in Europe where job growth, economic activity and innovation are expanding.

And as these cities are located all around Europe, this also leaves several cultures, languages, and job opportunities to discover.

Europe is full of possibilities for a career start :

  • from boiling start-ups in Berlin and Paris (such as unicorns : BlaBlaCar, Zalando, Rocket Internet, Backmarket or Believe)
  • to industrial giants such as Schneider Electric, Bayer, Volkswagen or Airbus
  • and refined global luxury brands (which all have their headquarters in Europe) : LVMH, Richemont, Chanel, Kering
  • without forgetting the aspirational consulting firms: Europe is the 2nd largest consulting market in the world and all the major actors of the sector are present & investment banks: with Brexit, all the bulge brackets have opened European headquarters in Francfort and Paris

Since 2021 the IB careers team has started a new project that focuses on employer engagement in the European region. The objective is to develop long term relation with main employers in Europe in order to enrich the number of opportunities for our students and increase our Alumni network.

During the next weeks, several posts will present the reality of the job market in Europe and its differences in terms of timeline and recruitment processes.

Alina Servillat, Employer Relations Consultant, Europe


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