Sejal Gupta at Royal Albert Hall


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The MSc Economics & Strategy for Business programme seamlessly combines advanced strategic analysis with modern economics, equipping students for thriving careers in specialised economic and management consulting as well as financial services.

Sejal Gupta is a student studying MSc Economics & Strategy for Business at Imperial College Business School. In this blog, she shares her motivations for studying the programme, what makes it unique, and how it's shaping her into a future business leader.

Imperial College Business School was a no-brainer for me. Being in London is like being at the epi-centre of the business universe, and I wanted a front-row seat to witness and learn from the best.

About me 

I have an insatiable appetite for all things business, economics, finance, and politics. The way these subjects influence the human mind and shape our world is what truly fascinates me. Hence, why the MSc Economics & Strategy for Business programme at Imperial College Business School has been the ideal environment for me to explore and flourish within this dynamic business landscape. 

The Imperial choice 

Picture this – the heart of London, a stellar alumni board, an outstanding faculty, and a curriculum that’s as dynamic as the city itself. Imperial College Business School was a no-brainer for me. Being in London is like being at the epi-centre of the business universe, and I wanted a front-row seat to witness and learn from the best. 

Gupta Sejal and MSc Economics & Strategy for Business cohort
Sejal Gupta and cohort outside Royal Albert Hall

The joy of intellectual stimulation 

Fast forward to the present, my experience has been nothing short of exhilarating. The programme has managed to strike a balance between being interesting and intellectually stimulating. We aren’t just students; we're future CEOs and board members in the making. 

One highlight of last term was our Corporate Strategy elective. Instead of traditional textbook learning, we were thrown into the deep end with a real-world challenge. My team took on the mighty Netflix, dissecting its decision to dive headfirst into the streaming arena. This exercise opened our eyes to all types of considerations that companies face when making strategic decisions. 

Nurturing future leaders 

I've had the chance to hone my leadership skills by taking on the role of Student-Staff Committee (SSC) and actively participating in various clubs and competitions. It's a holistic approach to leadership development that goes beyond the confines of a classroom. 

Sejal Gupta & peers at the Natural History Museum
Sejal and peers at an Imperial event

Eager anticipation for electives 

The programme offers a fantastic array of electives, and I’m eagerly counting down the days until I can delve into the world of geopolitics. The anticipation of interacting with a diverse cohort and exploring these specialised subjects is thrilling.  

Where technology meets business 

Innovating and applying technological solutions are an integral part of the programme. Learning coding skills in the first semester was an eye-opener, as it highlighted the essential role that technology plays in today's business landscape. Whether analysing case studies or real-world scenarios, we consistently explored the dynamic relationship between technology and business.

Imperial’s MSc Economics & Business Strategy programme is not just an academic pursuit; it's a transformative journey. It's about gaining insights, refining leadership skills, and embracing the dynamic intersection of technology and business.

As I begin to navigate through this academic journey, I can't help but feel like I'm not just learning about the world; I'm actively shaping its future. I am excited by the adventures that lie ahead and the invaluable lessons to be learned on this programme in the bustling heart of London!