A headshot of MSc Strategic Marketing online, part-time student, Katarina Milovic

Studying online with Imperial College Business School eliminates geographical barriers, providing access to a high-quality and supportive educational experience, whilst giving you the flexibility to work anytime and from anywhere around the globe.  

Katarina Milović, a MSc Strategic Marketing (online, part-time) student, highlights how online learning has been instrumental in balancing her studies with other commitments, provided opportunities to connect with peers on a global level, and empowered her to pursue her career goals. 

Online learning has not only made university an incredibly rewarding and enjoyable experience but has also propelled me towards personal growth and self-discovery in ways I hadn't imagined possible.

About me 

I'm driven by the passion to create positive change through social entrepreneurship and marketing. From spearheading the development of a government communications service in Serbia, to embarking on the journey of co-founding two non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and nurturing my own startup venture, I thrive on the challenge of bringing innovative ideas to life and making a difference in the world. 

Why I chose to study online with Imperial College Business School 

My decision to enrol on MSc Strategic Marketing (online, part-time) at Imperial College Business School stemmed from a unique blend of factors tailored to my portfolio career objectives: 


Opting for an online programme provides me with the flexibility necessary to seize diverse opportunities. I’m currently immersed in the BOLD Fellowship of Entrepreneurship and Economic Development in New York, US, where I'm co-founding an initiative aimed at empowering aspiring female entrepreneurs and leaders, while refining my startup idea through an intense 12-week programme. 


The programme's remarkable online nature makes it ideally suited for individuals at various stages of their careers, and I've had the privilege of connecting with professionals from diverse backgrounds. 

Dynamic marketing principals  

Imperial’s MSc Strategic Marketing (online, part-time) is tailored to provide a comprehensive understanding of marketing principles and strategies, preparing us to navigate the complexities of today's business landscape with confidence. My fascination with human behaviour and my desire to pursue a business-focused path post-bachelor's makes the programme the perfect blend of psychology and business for me. 

Opting for an online programme at such a prestigious university has been instrumental in my personal and professional development journey. The opportunity to learn from esteemed faculty and collaborate with ambitious peers has enriched my experience. 

Managing full-time work and part-time online study 

Navigating the demands of full-time work alongside part-time online study certainly presents its challenges, especially when faced with significant transitions such as changing jobs and managing multiple projects across various locations. However, I've found that the key to overcoming these hurdles lies in recognising that I don't have to tackle them alone. 

The programme’s cohort serves as an exceptional support system, fostering a sense of camaraderie and friendship despite the geographical distances between us. I'm deeply grateful for the bonds formed within this community, as they have enriched my learning experience and provided unwavering support along my journey. 

The Programmes team has exceptional dedication to student success. They consistently prioritise our needs, offering additional tutorials for challenging subjects and arranging extra career workshops on campus, which is especially beneficial for students based in London.

Katarina Milovic attending Web Summit in Lisbon in 2023
Katarina Milović attending Web Summit 2023

My highlights from the programme so far 

One rewarding moment that stands out is the privilege of representing Imperial College Business School at the Web Summit in Portugal as a Women in Tech participant. During this renowned tech conference, we had the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the latest innovations, attend insightful talks and panel discussions, and network with industry leaders and fellow attendees from around the globe. Additionally, attendees were invited to participate in the Startup Guide Summit, providing further insights into entrepreneurship and innovation. 

Another rewarding highlight was our strategic market management assignment which provided an opportunity to unleash our creativity. Collaborating closely, my team developed a new product and formulated a comprehensive launch strategy, drawing upon insights gleaned from our coursework. It was immensely gratifying to see our ideas come to fruition and to witness the impact of our strategic decisions. 

There are also plenty of social and professional events, such as the Winter Party, where I got the opportunity to meet up with students from my online cohort in January.

Katarina Milovic MSc Strategic Marketing (online, part-time) learning group
MSc Strategic Marketing (online, part-time) cohort

Learning through our bespoke virtual environment, The Hub 

The flexibility offered by The Hub allows me to learn at my own pace. Unlike traditional classrooms with fixed schedules, I can access course materials and lectures at a time that suits me best. This flexibility has been invaluable, especially when balancing my studies with other commitments. 

Secondly, The Hub's interactive activities have significantly enhanced my engagement with course content. Through features like online discussions, quizzes, and multimedia resources, I'm able to actively participate in my learning process. This interactive approach not only deepens my understanding of the material but also fosters a sense of collaboration and community with my peers. 

What I find particularly beneficial about The Hub is the opportunity to see diverse examples from my peers, showcasing the multitude of ways in which theory can be applied in different contexts. 

The benefit of weekly online sessions 

The interactive nature of these sessions allows for real-time discussion and the opportunity to delve deeper into course material. Furthermore, professors often provide additional examples and practical applications that help solidify my understanding of the content. These sessions serve as invaluable resources for reinforcing learning and ensuring clarity, enhancing my overall educational experience.

How I stay motivated when learning online 

Staying motivated and focused during intensive study periods, particularly when juggling multiple deadlines, is a challenge that I approach with a combination of strategies tailored to my strengths and the nature of my programme. 

My motivation stems from a genuine passion for my studies, coupled with clear goals, a reliance on my peers for support, and the community-driven nature of my programme. By staying connected to my purpose and leveraging the resources available to me, I am able to navigate intensive study periods with focus and determination. 

Reflecting on my online journey so far 

Online learning has been truly transformative for me. Initially, I embarked on this programme with a sense of uncertainty about my future steps. However, the supportive network provided by Imperial College Business School, ranging from fellow students to the dedicated Careers and Programmes teams, has been invaluable in helping me navigate through this uncertainty. The knowledge and skills I've acquired have empowered me to confidently pursue my career goals, particularly in the development of my current startup venture.