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4 October 2019
08:00 - 16:00
Imperial College Business School, UK
Invites Only

A retail revolution is underway with omnichannel marketing fulfillment and delivery. Consumers are becoming aware of products and fashions and brands from a huge range of social media and influencers, and are even able to purchase directly from such sources. These latest trends and challenges will be at the center of the discussion on 4 - 5 October 2019, at the fifth Fashion Operations and Retailing Conference, proudly hosted by Imperial College Business School.

This invitation-only forum will bring together both professionals and academics from world-leading universities and organisations, to discuss the latest research, industry practice and approach, as well as foster invaluable networking connections.

Industry and academic experts will share their insights and latest research across a wide range of topics, including supply chain management, retail and brand marketing, technology, computer science and sustainability. While the conference aims to highlight opportunities and challenges centered on the retail fashion industry, these discussions will more broadly touch on aspects pertaining to:

  • operations
  • branding and pricing
  • new technologies
  • big data
  • AI/machine learning
  • social responsibility


  1. Kshitij Kumar (Chief Data Officer, Farfetch; Keynote)
  2. Brad Klingenberg  (Chief Algorithms Officer, Stich Fix)
  3. Nikhil Hirdaramani (Director, Hirdaramani Group)
  4. Filipe Aguilar (Head of Business Operations, Farfetch)
  5. Laura Balmond (Ellen MacArthur Foundation)
  6. Anush Amarasinghe (ecospindles)


  1. Gurhan Kok  (Koc University)
  2. David  Simchi-Levi (MIT)
  3. Eduard Calvo (IESE)
  4. Santiago Gallino (Wharton)
  5. Georgia Perakis (MIT)
  6. Ozge Sahin (Johns Hopkins)
  7. Zhe Liu (Imperial)
  8. Aydin Alptekinoglu (Penn State)
  9. Anna Saez de Tejada Cuenca (Georgetown)
  10. Ruomeng Cui (Emory)

This conference is an invitation-only event. The cost of the conference is £100

Sponsor - Farfetch


Event details

4 October 2019
08:00 - 16:00
Imperial College Business School, UK
Invites Only

Event details

Date: 4 October 2019
Time: 08:00 - 16:00
Venue: Imperial College Business School, UK
Audience: Invites Only