Retention within the healthcare industry is paramount, and clinicians need to feel empowered with the necessary support and skills to advance their careers. In collaboration with the Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust (CNWL), Management Fundamental for Consultants is a tailored programme crafted to address the pressing needs of healthcare professionals.

"An innovative, forward thinking organisation like Imperial is the perfect partner to take our high class clinicians and develop them into leaders of our industry."
Claire Murdoch CBE
Chief Executive of CNWL NHS
Claire Murdoch CBE

Specifically designed for clinical leaders within the NHS, this programme offers a pathway to career progression and transition into management positions. Throughout the programme, participants engage in reflective exercises, assessing both their current practices and future aspirations, envisioning their career trajectories over the next 5 to 10 years.

Centred around the five challenges confronting the CNWL - the Landscape, Financial, Quality, Workforce and Productivity, and Leadership challenges - our programme invites delegates to explore these issues from both a Trust-wide and team-specific perspective. Comprising four 2-day blocks hosted at Imperial College London, followed by two half-days at Trust HQ, participants get a truly dynamic learning experience.