People - I & E

Department faculty and researchers

Erkko Autio, Chair in Technology Venturing & Entrepreneurship

Giada Baldessarelli, Research Fellow; affiliated with Imperial Business Design Studio

James Barlow, Professor of Technology & Innovation Management; affiliated with the Centre for Health Economics & Policy Innovation

Christiane Bode, Assistant Professor of Strategy

Sankalp Chaturvedi, Professor of Organisational Behaviour & Leadership; Director, Gandhi Centre for Inclusive Innovation

Paola Criscuolo, Professor of Innovation Management

Elena Dalpiaz, Associate Professor of Strategy

Balint Dioszegi, Research Associate

Maria Farkas, Senior Teaching Fellow

Cristobal Garcia-Herrera, Research Associate

Rand Gerges Yammine, Research Associate

Irem Gunay, Research Associate 

Christian Hampel, Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship & Strategy

Penny Hoffmann-Becking, Teaching Fellow

Ying-Ying Hsieh, Assistant Professor of Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Alan Hughes, Professor of Innovation

Onyaglanu Idoko, Research Associate

HeeJung Jung, Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship

Mark Kennedy, Associate Professor of Strategy & Organisational Behaviour; affiliated with the Centre for Responsible Leadership and Imperial Business Analytics

Iva Koci, Senior Teaching Fellow

Jaemin Lee, Assistant Professor of Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Petteri Leppanen, Research Associate

Namrata Malhotra, Associate Professor of Strategy; affiliated with the Gandhi Centre for Inclusive Innovation

Miguel Meuleman, Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship

Yuri Mishina, Associate Professor of Organisational Behaviour & Strategy; affiliated with the Gandhi Centre for Inclusive Innovation

Celia Moore, Professor of Organisational Behaviour; Co-Director, Centre for Responsible Leadership

Laura Noval, Assistant Professor of Organisational Behaviour

Markus Perkmann, Professor of Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Jonathan Pinto, Associate Professor of Organisational Behaviour; affiliated with the Gandhi Centre for Inclusive Innovation

Michelle Rogan, Associate Professor of Strategy & Entrepreneurship

Jan-Michael Ross, Associate Professor of Strategy

Dmitry Sharapov, Associate Professor of Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Strategy

Cleo Silvestri​, Research Associate

Ileana Stigliani, Associate​ Professor of Design & Innovation; Academic Director, Imperial Business Design Studio

Christopher Tucci, Professor of Digital Strategy & Innovation; Director, Centre for Digital Transformation

Gianluigi Viscusi, Senior Research Fellow

Anu Wadhwa, Associate Professor of Strategy & Entrepreneurship; Deputy Head of Department; affiliated with the Gandhi Centre for Inclusive Innovation

Anne ter Wal, Associate Professor of Technology & Innovation Management

Tim Weiss, Assistant Professor of Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Michael Yeomans, Assistant Professor in Strategy & Organisational Behaviour

Maurizio Zollo, Professor of Strategy & Sustainability; Head, Department of Management & Entrepreneurship; Scientific Director, Leonardo Centre

Professors of practice

Ian Mackenzie, Professor of Practice

David Shrier, Professor of Practice; affiliated with the Centre for Digital Transformation

Visiting professors 

Bart Clarysse, Visiting Chair in Entrepreneurship