Our experts explore the implications of the pandemic for businesses and supply chains

"Firm Take-Up of COVID-19 Government Measures – Evidence from Portugal" by Cláudia Custódio, Christopher Hansman, Diogo Mendes

Imperial author(s): Cláudia CustódioChristopher Hansman, Diogo Mendes

Does a lack of information or guidance affect the take-up of government measures to tackle the pandemic?

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"A Sticky-Price View of Hoarding: Lessons for the COVID-19 Pandemic" by Christopher Hansman, Harrison G. Hong, Aureo de Paula, Vishal Singh

Imperial author(s): Christopher Hansman

What the 2008 global rice crisis can teach us about hoarding, panic-buying and price-gouging during the current pandemic.

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"Firm-level Risk Exposures and Stock Returns in the Wake of COVID-19" by Stephen J. Davis, Stephen Hansen, and Christhian Seminario-Amez

Imperial author(s): Stephen Hansen

An explanation on firm-level stock prices in the pandemic era using regulatory filings, which provides insight into how COVID-19 will reallocate resources in the economy. 

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