Ms Reem Yafi – MBA 1996 is an online lifestyle boutique with a dedication to beauty and distinctiveness. The name Blank references our obsession with labels. I wanted to leave it blank to allow customers to fill it with whatever they wanted.  Our products are an amalgamation of art, design, and fashion. Some are quirky, some fashion forward while others classically beautiful. There is a reason for every product to be there.

Our designers hail from all around the globe. Most are young and up and coming, a few are more established. They all have a different story to tell. What they all have in common is that through their design and manufacturing processes they are all attempting to do their little bit to make the world in which we live a little better. If you read their biographical paragraphs on the website you’ll know what we mean. The other thing they have in common, of course, is their ability to marry art and design in the head-turning beauty of their products.

We believe that you can enjoy the little pleasures in life without ruining it for others. We realise that as twenty-first century humans most of us have a need to surround ourselves with beautiful things. We believe that this is do-able whilst helping other less fortunate communities and safeguarding the future of our planet for future generations.

Contact details

Contact details
Sector: Online Retail
Location: London UK
Telephone: +44 (0)20 7722 3343
Mobile: 07843675458
Entry last updated: 29 March 2011