Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Start date:
Five to six years
Applications are now closed
Fully funded
London, UK

Influence policy and practice by working at the interface of science, engineering and business management

The research areas of Innovation and Entrepreneurship sit within the Department of Management and Entrepreneurship. Faculty and students in these fields undertake research into the innovation and entrepreneurship process, from identifying pockets of original knowledge in the search for ideas, to the diffusion and entrepreneurial exploitation of new products, processes and services. 

Faculty members are particularly interested in the core themes of spotting and leveraging entrepreneurial opportunities; managing the innovation process; building and operating entrepreneurial ecosystems; the role of networks in innovation and entrepreneurship; the impact of corporate entrepreneurship on organisational innovation; and commercialising science innovations. 

You may also be co-supervised by faculty in other departments in the School, depending on your research interests. 

Career impact

Teaching experience

PhD students on the Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) scholarship will undertake 150 hours of teaching assistant duties from year three of the programme. There will be opportunities for PhD students to engage in teaching activities within the Business School’s programmes such as MSc Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Management as well as on our MBA, which offers a unique focus on innovation through elective courses and the Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Design project. 

Doctoral theses in Innovation and Entrepreneurship




Elizaveta Portz

Entrepreneurial Resource Acquisition in Startup Accelerators 

Dr Anne Ter Wal and Dr Ileana Stigliani

Marine Mograbyan

New Venture Internationalisation in the Digital Age 

Professor Erkko Autio and Dr Jan Ross

Ahmet Yildirim

Management of Ecosystem Evolution: The Effect of Macro and Micro Influencers on a Firm's Ecosystem Management Activities 

Professor Bart Clarysse and Professor Mike Wright