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Crowd Scholar is a charity (registration number: 1174788) committed to creating a community-led scholarship programme to help high-achieving students from disadvantaged backgrounds attend university. We strongly believe that these exceptional students deserve to be supported, recognised, and encouraged. We launched our initial campaign in 2017 and received 95 applications from students across the country. After reading hundreds of essays and teacher recommendations and after hours of interviewing applicants, three scholarships winners were picked. Check out our website for their details!

While we have an initial pot of £ 5,000 to award our scholarship winners. Our charity focuses on harnessing the power of the crowd to build this number up. However, Crowd Scholar differs from mainstream crowdfunding platforms in a few key respects:

  • Qualified candidates: As noted, all Crowd Scholar students progress through a competitive and holistic application process; you can be sure that your donations are going to those who need and deserve it the most
  • Depth over breadth: £10,000 towards one student’s education makes a bigger difference than £100 to one hundred students’ educations. Donations are made into a central pool to award to the three winners, ensuring efficient allocation
  • Full transparency: Everything we see donors see. This includes candidates’ full applications, the donations received, and how funds are allocated
  • Engagement: All donors become a vital part of Crowd Scholar and have a say in how the scholarship is run. Crowd Scholar is charity by democracy

Contact details

Contact details
Sector: Charity (education)
Location: UK
Mobile: +44 (0)7519 427 556
Face book page:
Twitter: @crowd_scholar
Entry last updated: 19 January 2018